10 Personal Lies You Convince Yourself To Be True

Lying to yourself, convincing yourself or ignoring something that’s true is the ultimate personal sin you can commit on yourself.

What’s known as fact is that the worst lies in your life aren’t the ones which deceives others, but the one’s you tell yourself.

The problem when you lie to yourself, which is a disrespectful mental issue, is irrespective of how you attempt to rationalize the matter positively, negative thought processes at the subconscious level takes over.

It does so without you even realizing it. The reason being, what we …

Know The Common Deceptive Little White Lies Most Women Tell

woman who may be deceptiveThere are some relationships which are more transparent than others. Some couples choose to reveal the bare honest truth at all times. There are others, perhaps the majority, where it becomes common to deceive their partners somehow, and it’s mutual.

Everyone, especially when originating a relationship, trust issues will arise, and as a protection measure, to not get hurt, women may become deceptive to guard their feelings. Establishing trust is an emotion which needs to be formulated right from the beginning.

What can’t be avoided is anyone telling little ‘‘white …

The Real Reasons Why Partners Will Tell Lies To Each Other

girl doesnt like watching sportsThere are just a few relationships which are grounded and based on complete honesty. There are some who will adhere to a strict open truth policy with each other, while the majority will live in a house of little white lies.

Nobody really deserves to be lied to, but there’s a general consensus that we as humans, especially new couples, are likely to tell little “fibs” more often than not. So if your relationship is new or are constantly having trust issues, this may be the result of the suspicion …