The Key To Successful Trading Remains Be As Basic As Possible

learning to trade the marketsWe live in a refined world of small quotes which describes a bigger action. They’re parables which are found everywhere everyday, all pointing towards one key message, which without fail is to “keep it simple.” The principle of simplicity is an extremely workable one under most situations, especially trading the markets.

Although to refine one’s trading skills isn’t easy to master, what they involve are simple principles. Mastery of learning in most areas of life includes conserving extraneous movement and effort. Once it’s perfected and done right, it looks easy …

Why Paper Trading The Financial Markets Can Prove Disastrous

why you need proper trading psychologyTo begin with, most who attempt to trade for a living lose. The perceived easy street to riches isn’t paved with coin, but rather with dirt. It’s also known that the main reason why most traders lose is because they’re not psychologically prepared to trade real money.

What happens is they get blinded by emotion when trading with real capital, emotions which they didn’t experience while paper trading. Trading is more of a psychological game than a methodological process.

Successfully making money trading the financial markets is reserved only for …

Tracking Price And Volume When Trading The Financial Markets

understanding price and volumeWhen trading the financial markets, price and volume should always be considered as one of the most important technical indicators, this when it comes to the price movement of a particular financial instrument.

Whenever there’s a movement in price, it’s usually because of an increase or a decrease in volume which acts as a major precursor for a potential, and at times significant price movement. This once all of the variables and the nuances of that particular market and instrument are understood.

For all of the major stock exchange in …

The Pitfalls Facing The New Trader In The Financial Markets

the pitfalls of a new traderIt’s been proven that trading the financial markets can be a profitable occupation. There’s evidence of the possibilities of generating substantial profits while enjoying a leisurely lifestyle. Once refined, financial market speculation can offer enormous rewards.

But this scenario apparently is often reserved for the fortunate few or on an late night infomercial, as trading for a living shows leaks and tremendous financial distress, forcing loss in one’s finances and livelihood, this if not proceeded the proper way.

There are a variety of tips, suggestions, recommendations from all the various …

The Difference Between Investing And Trading The Markets

the difference between investing and tradingFor those who are new to the financial markets, the question which invariably arises, and which is also a matter of debate among pundits is what exactly differentiates the term “investing” and “trading,” when it comes to the financial markets.

To most, there’s no difference, the same, since both investing as well as trading when placed under the microscope of the financial markets, are both performed in a similar fashion. Technically, they’re generally regarded as the same interchangeable action of buying, holding, and selling.

But to be precise, to separate …