10 Things That Happen When You Feed Your Body Too Much Sugar

Sugar is one of the most delicious tastes on earth, it’s sweet. Although everyone realizes it’s taboo, give me my fix. It’s ingested more often than realized as it’s abundant. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, and crave for sugary foods and beverages.

But beware it’s also one of the most dangerous substances known to man. The sugars which are naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables are usually fine.

The issue once you begin consuming more than the recommended amount, is when the damage occurs.

Empty sugar is one of …

5 Detrimental Ways How Sugar Damages The Brain

An addiction is defined as a dependency to a substance or a thing. An addiction is a bad habit, where some are more obvious than others, but detrimental just the same. Anything that’s bad for you, anything that damages health, something as common as sugar is an addiction.

We as children are targeted and victimized as we’re introduced and fed the smooth taste of sugar as a reward, if we behave.

Susan you have been a good girl this week, so here is a cookie, unbeknownst to mom it’s playing …

9 Natural Sugar Substitutes That Are Healthy

What most medical governing bodies state for better heart health, is not to consume any more that 150 calories of added sugar, which are sugars, sweeteners, and syrups that are “added,” or hidden in foods during processing or preparation.

What’s known is that every organ is somehow affected by sugar, which can lead to tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and poor cognitive functioning.

Refined sugar is the more common form of added sugar, which should be substituted with natural sweeteners. Most of these natural sweeteners are found in fruit, …