10 Things That Happens When You Keep Feeding Your Body Sugar

Sugar is one of the most delicious tastes on earth, it’s everywhere, while everyone realizes that it’s taboo. It’s ingested more often than what most realize. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, and thus craves for sugary foods and beverages. But be aware it’s also one of the most dangerous substances known to man. The sugars which are naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables are usually fine. The issue once you begin consuming more than the recommended amount, is when the damage occurs. Empty sugar is one of the worst ingredients that’s found in the modern diet, as it provides no nutrients or valuable calories.

10. Accelerates Aging Of The Skin

What constant high sugar intake has shown is to accelerate the skin-aging process, making it dull, dry, and flaky, which exposes it to becoming prone to wrinkles. What too much sugar intake leads to is a process known as glycation, where the sugar attaches itself to and then damages proteins like elastin and collagen. These proteins are vital in keeping the skin smooth, supple, and flexible, preventing it from sagging. High sugar consumption is also related to a condition known as systemic inflammation, which is a known acne trigger.

9. Prevents Fatty Liver Disease

Sticking to a high sugar diet does is exacerbates fatty liver disease, as it’s empty sugar that spikes insulin while driving fat into the liver cells, which in turn causes scarring and inflammation. Sugar is made up of glucose and fructose, and once it’s consumed in excess, the liver converts it into lipids. What the overproduction of lipids does is leads to hormonal changes in the body, which affects liver function. High sugar intake also causes chronic inflammation in the body, which damages the liver as well.

8. Causes Grumpiness And Irritability

Constantly consuming high amounts of empty sugar leads to is irritability, anxiety, mood swings, and potentially depression. Foods which contain high amounts of saturated fat, salt, and sugar has proven is to sadden mood, when compared to those on a low-sugar diet. So to give your brain a boost, while regulating and calming your mind down, this by avoiding the temporary rush that’s eating convenient empty sugary foods.