Reasons To Empower Your Dreams And Not Pursue Your Goals

What most understand is the concept of setting goals in their life, to accomplish something they want. What many don’t realize however, is what goals need is a constant stream of force behind them, to keep them active and complete. The need to take action.

What you need is to mindfully push them forward at all times by exerting focused energy, to make them come true.

To force or push in this definition, refers to forcing something to compel through necessity or pressure.

To push a goal means applying enough force towards the goal, to keep it active and empowered.

This constant pushing of the goal, while necessary, also detriments the effective manifestation of the goal itself.

Goals are an artificial creation of the mind which are backed by concepts and belief systems, in order for them to work.

Once you take away this core belief programming that gives them the foundation to survive, what they’ll do is evaporate.

To Set Goals

Say you have a goal to lose weight. What you’re also aware of is it’s vitally important for you to set precise goals to do so.

Let’s say you’re wanting to lose 25 pounds in 3 months, starting today. What this goal needs is a foundation to work. You first need to have the motivation which encourages you to start.

Reasons Why You Want To Lose Weight

• You want to look more attractive for summer
• You’re wanting to look more attractive for your partner
• You’re wanting to fit into your old clothes again
• You know you’re overweight and unhealthy

Whatever the reasons are, you need to have several, otherwise you won’t have the motivation to begin.

Just starting means you need to change certain behaviors and concepts. What’s also known is how challenging altering habits can be.

Behavior is altered by the physical domain, while concepts are altered in the mental domain.

This double dose of physical and mental change, is what makes something that’s seemingly simple such as weight loss, become challenging.

Successfully Changing Goals

Where successful goals comes from is a corresponding change in the mental domain. The reason for this is because the mind and your thoughts is what creates your reality.

If you just change your behavior, you’ll only see short-term success. You become disappointed and believe you’re a failure.


Over time, what you’ll eventually fall back on are your old behavioral habits, the very thing you’re attempting to change in the first place.

So lets assume you’re in the second month of your weight loss goal, and then your partner suddenly leaves you.

What then happens to your goal of losing weight? What you’ve lost is the motivation, the drive you had disappears into thin air.

What was taken away from you was one of the core foundations, and the reason why you wanted to lose weight.

The problem with goals is they’re depend on life circumstances, which are mental concepts.

Empowering Your Dreams

Dreams are powered by your source, which is the ultimate power of consciousness. Your dreams are the recognition of what you’re able to do with your talent, the unique gifts you’ve been given in your life.

What everyone has are their own unique set of talents, which are used when expressing themselves by displaying creativity. This creativity is what activates manifestation.

What’s then utilized are the unique properties of using your talents. With creativity, you’re able to serve others and in return, you’ll get rewarded with some type of energy, which for many is money.

Dreams Are Creative

Dreams are powered by your creative thoughts. These are abilities that’s similar to a never-ending fountain, representing the wellspring of your life.

They’ll always be with you, in good times or bad. They’re completely independent from mental concepts, since they’re powered by nature.

What you can do is deny your dreams, but you can never get rid of them. Even if you’re having a bad day, your dreams still exists.

If you don’t live your dreams, you’ll constantly be suppressed by mental concepts such as: “I’m too old to start,” “I have no idea what to do,” “No one will be interested,” “No one will like me.”

The Difference Between Goals And Dreams

• Goals are only partial, dreams are complete
• Goals need to be justified, dreams never need verification
• Goals create counter-force and are limited
• Goals need momentum while dreams need creativity and talent
• Goals are always needy while dreams are always stagnant
• Goals are incomplete and constantly needs to be fed energy
• Dreams are complete and doesn’t need any help externally
• Goals consume while dreams energizes
• What dreams gives you is life and energy while goals steals them away
• Dreams are always compassionate while goals are judgmental
• What goals require is constant proof and support, while dreams are never subjected to proof

To Fulfill Dreams

Those who fulfills their dreams are completely satisfied with their life. They do what’s natural and what’s in their nature.

What’s also irrelevant are the types of dreams you have. What dreams don’t need is to fit into a category, they don’t need approval, they don’t need capital to start.

Goals are just temporary fixes and wishes of your mental needs, which won’t provide you with everlasting happiness.

A new car will eventually get old and suspect. A new house will fade and lose its charm over time.

If your goal is to search and find the perfect partner, you’ll begin to see all their imperfections over time.

What your dreams are is a recognition of who you truly are, the contributions you can make to this world. You don’t need to do anything else in your life other than this.

There’s no end to the contributions you can make in your lifetime. You’ll grasp these dreams forever your eternity, so embrace your dreams, and act on them.

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