The Easiest Way To Become Healthy Is By Changing Eating Habits

reasons to eat healthierThe give me everything right now lifestyle that we demand and thus currently live in, has now filtered down to the fast foods that we eat, which are classified as “junk” food. There are now several generations which has been raised eating these types of foods, and as a result become an epidemic.

Eating these types of foods since childhood in most households has become extremely common, the easy trap being they’re easy to prepare, and extremely tasty. Then they become the types of foods that many begin to crave, this especially for young adults when wanting to reduce trauma and anxiety.

What we learn the instance we’re born is that it’s food which helps us feel much better, this when we start to feel cranky and irritable. Eating is a natural defense mechanism that the brain and body uses to keep our emotions sane.

Habitual Eating Patterns
As we grow older, it becomes difficult to change our eating patterns. Every time that we begin to feel sorry, we reach for something soothing. We feel uncomfortable, pain, withdrawal symptoms, sick, we comfort ourselves by reaching for a chocolate bar.

Most foods which are packaged should be considered junk food, with a few exceptions. Most traditional food manufacturers and restaurants, don’t consider your health when they manufacture their food.They’ll make it as addictive as possible so you’ll buy more.

It’s now estimated that 85% percent of teens eat junk food, this since they don’t know any better. So for those who relies on junk food as their main staple, should be made aware of how unhealthy they are.

Non-fat Milk
Milk that’s found in cartons on the store shelves are mucus and acid forming. What this treated milk does is creates mucus in the body which produces lymph liquid, turning the body acidic.

When there’s excessive levels of acid in the body, what it attracts are parasites along with other pathogens. The best solution is raw natural cows milk, goats milk, or almond milk.

Store Made Bread And Sugary Baked Goods
White bread is also acidic and mucus forming in the body. Anything “white” is also a lot more difficult to pass through the colon, which results in constipation.

It’s known that refined sugar, is the most popular food additive in all packaged and store made bakery products. Sugar is also the most addictive substance which creates the most damage.

Regular And Diet Soda
It’s cola that’s extremely high in empty artificial sugar, as much as 7 teaspoons per can. It’s known that the average person drinks over 35 gallons every year.

Sugar is the body’s premier poison which leads to a variety of diseases, most notably obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, and osteoarthritis. What sugar also does is depletes your stores of calcium, magnesium, and the B-vitamins from your bones and teeth.

Most sodas also comes in aluminum cans, and what’s known is that the aluminum can leak into the soda, as most sodas contain phosphoric acid. Absorption of aluminum in the bloodstream, has been associated with senility and Alzheimer’s disease.

Regular Table Salt (NaCl)
Salt in processed food is extremely common. What excessive salt intake does is results in high blood pressure and edema, while creating imbalance of the minerals in the lymph liquid.

What the element “Na” found in salt does is attracts water. The more sodium that you consume, the more water that your body retains. Choose sea salt instead, as it contains 25% percent less sodium, while using low-sodium soy sauce.

Excess salt is connected with kidney issues, cardiovascular disease, and sensitivity to stress. It’s estimated that most will consume over 1,000 mg per day, where the recommended amount is 300 mg per day.

The best source of sodium is from vegetables which are organic. Your stomach needs organic “Na” sodium, this to keep its lining from being attacked by hydrochloric acid, which can result in ulcers.


Foods which are naturally high in organic sodium are apricots, apples, asparagus, dark leafy greens, red cabbage, carrots, celery, dulse, figs, prunes, lentils, fresh fish, and egg yolks.

To Fortify Your Eating Habits

• Lecithin – Lecithin contains up to 40% choline, and one of the key chemicals which are found in our cell membrane. Choline is used by the brain to create the neurotransmitter acytlcholine, which is needed for thinking and memory retention.

Lecithin is also used by the liver to prevent it from becoming fatty, as what a fatty liver does is prevents you from losing belly fat.

It also helps by breaking up fats into tiny goblets, forcing them to become easier to digest, while also reducing the bad cholesterol from clinging to the artery walls.

• Flax Seed Oil – Is an essential omega-3 fatty acid. What “essential” means is that your body needs it, but isn’t able to produce it. So what you need is to include it into your daily diet.

What flax seed oil does is helps to detoxify the liver, which stimulates the production of bile. Know that what bile does, is helps break down fat, this so the liver can metabolize it better.

• Apples – Apples are singled out because they’re high in vitamin A, potassium, along with other minerals which strengthens the blood. They also contain tartaric and malic acids, which helps keep the liver strong and healthy, while promoting better digestion.

• Fiber – What’s recommended is 35 grams of fiber daily. It’s thought that most just gets around 15 grams. What fiber does is helps to keep the colon clean, while reducing bad cholesterol and toxins, which reduces constipation.

The key is to begin making the transition from eating packaged or “junk” foods, to more natural one item foods which are close to their source as possible. What you’ll instantly notice is improved health.

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