The Lurking Evil That’s The Addiction Of Your Sugar Intake

how to cut down eating sugarThe common denominator of the foods we eat is empty sugar, which is usually hidden in the easy and convenient processed foods that we overindulge in. It’s thought that we consume around half a cup of empty refined sugar daily, this found in various food forms.

These foods aren’t just found in the typical sweets such as cakes, cookies, and soft drinks, but are also found in abundance in foods which appear to be non-sweet food products, such as bread, ketchup, mayonnaise, peanut butter, energy bars, etc.

Refined sugar contains absolutely no vitamins or minerals, so for it to be properly metabolized by the body, it needs to draw out the body’s current reserves of existing vitamins and minerals.

Once these reserves become depleted, then the metabolizing of cholesterol as well as fatty acid becomes impeded, which results in higher levels of blood serum triglycerides, which are the drivers that promote obesity because of the increased storage of fatty acids that’s found around the organs.

But we all fall victim to these sweets since they’re all so tempting and readily available. The good news is that there are ways of overcoming this addiction of sugar craving.

Getting Over The Craving For Sugar

Taking Suitable Supplements
Biologically, certain individuals will develop a craving for sugar because of a nutritional imbalance. So because of this, it’s advised that you talk to your dietician or nutritionist regarding supplementing your diet better.

The quickest solution is incorporating an easily soluble multivitamin into your daily regimen, this to ensure that you’re getting a well balanced dose of vitamins and minerals to quell the need for sugar.


Removing Refined Sugar Products
If you have a bad habit of just grabbing for a bag of cookies and can’t resist doing so, this especially in the evening, it’s then recommended that you just remove these highly refined sugar products from your home.

By keeping these tempting empty sugar sweets in your cupboards will just leave you salivating for them whenever you’re at your weakest point, or spent.

Replacing Sugar Based Beverages
All of those sugar driven beverages such as the processed fruit juice and the worst culprit being soda pop, both contributes greatly to your daily bad sugar intake and fix.

So make it a conscious effort to swap them for natural sugar based beverages such as carbonated water with lemon, herbal tea, or pure fresh water with a splash of fresh fruit puree.

Eating Well Balanced Meals
If you’re experiencing hunger pangs during the day, and then giving in to the vending machine, instead, try eating 3 balanced meals or 5 to 6 smaller meals on a daily basis.

What a healthy balanced meal consists of is one part complex carbohydrates, such as a couple servings of fruits and vegetables, one healthy fat such as fresh fish or nuts, and one portion of lean protein, such as lean beef, chicken, turkey, nuts, or beans.

Keep yourself satiated with healthy food, which then keeps your insulin levels from spiking up and down, which causes the sugar cravings.

Find Healthy Snack Alternatives
Which doesn’t mean you’ll never enjoy something that’s sweet ever again. Just put forth the effort to consume healthy and natural sugar alternate foods instead of inhaling empty calories.

For instance, instead of eating a box of prepackaged cookies or a candy bar, stock your fridge and cupboards with fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, and natural sweet treats which contain maple syrup, carob, or real honey.

Always Leave The House On A Full Stomach
If you’re attending a party or family event hungry, you know that you’re going to automatically reach for the sweets, the fattiest empty sugar foods which are offered.


So do yourself a favor by having a small, healthy snack to fill up your stomach before going out. Then most likely, you won’t binge on those sinful sweets, or what you’ll do is balance out the content in your stomach because of what you previously ate.

Thinking Why We Need Sugar

Know The Sugar Activators
The majority of sugar cravings which results in our sugar binges aren’t usually because of actually being physically hungry, but they’re more motivated by boredom, anger, or a loss of control, and then human nature kicks in and we turn to sweet food.

But once you decide to confront your emotions, doing so will give you new found control over your life, which will help you to fight the future sugar cravings by understanding where they’re coming from.

Adopting Healthier Coping Mechanisms
What you need to find out is why you crave sugar, and then once known, find alternate coping mechanisms which works once the symptoms appear. Understand the emotional motivation why you instinctively reach for that dish of ice cream, or have another slice of cake.

When you have that bad day at work, instead of eating as a solution, find other ways to release that stress buildup, such as meditation, yoga, exercising, a nap, take a walk or go for a jog. Do things which will take your mind off the trap which is resorting to sweets to help you relax.

Practicing Better Control
We all overindulge in sweets every once in a while. It becomes extremely easy to get caught in the unhealthy cycle of binge eating on empty calorie sugar based foods, which is usually followed by guilt or shame.

So whenever you happen to slip up, just learn to forgive yourself and then try to do better next time. It’s just human nature, so don’t focus on all the negatives, but instead look towards a better future, and use this motivation by eating as healthy as possible.


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