When It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Someone You No Longer Like

letting go of friendsThere often comes a time when you need to part ways, this may be a friend, hopefully not a family member, and everyone else in between. We meet people and like them on instinct, are drawn towards them, then you gradually begin to know each other. A friendship then starts to develop.

But often, it becomes apparent that it no longer serves any value to your life, and may at times even become detrimental. Then why hang on to them. Is it because of your past association with them, or for old times sake. What’s the point.

You realize that there’s nothing substantial enough to keep you connected with them, you begin to lose ties, feeling they’re no longer worth conversing with as complacency sets in.

Then there’s no reason to associate with them any longer. Once you feel that someone is no longer bringing any value to your life, not bringing that spark like they once did, then it may be a clear signal to just cut them loose.

Although this may sound a tad selfish, that because they do nothing for you, you’re no longer wanting to associate with them, this since they no longer cultivates a better you. But as difficult as it may be, it’s your life.

Things Are Different Now
What people do is drift apart, which is a normal process of life. You begin to realize that you want different things, you no longer have nothing in common, you no longer understand each other.

At times, it’s just a matter of accepting that it’s time to let go, this rather than attempting to reconcile, bring back something that was lost long ago, or perhaps, wasn’t really there in the first place.

It becomes difficult to hold on to people, but keep in mind that you’re always destined to meet others along your journey, who can substitute this friendship.

The Trust Or Loyalty Is Gone
If you know you can’t trust this person any longer, or they’re not entirely loyal, you need to ask yourself why they remain in your life. Trust and loyalty are the core foundations of friendship.

If they’re never there for you, then realize they may have ulterior motives, which only leads to paranoia, frustration, anger, and increased tension. So you may be better off releasing them.

Find someone else who’s completely transparent, someone you feel that once you walk away from them, you know they’ll remain genuine and trustworthy. Someone who’s faithful and doesn’t question your every action.

You Don’t Know Where Things Stand
Once relationships become undefined, it gets confusing since you don’t know where you stand. If they’re not making you feel valued, then wonder why you allow them to treat you that way.

Be with those who you’re proud to be with for everyone to see. Be with someone who won’t “play” with your heart and mind, just because they know you’re vulnerable, or that you’ll never leave them.

Avoid Those Damaging Relationships
If all the friendship is doing is making you unhappy, then it may be time to cut and release. Never allow yourself to feel trapped, or feel that you’re being used, and treated worse than you deserve.

Once someone puts you down, starts to compete with you, doesn’t pay attention or ignores you, abuses you while not caring what you think, embarrasses you in front of others, then remove them from your life.

Hopefully, it’s not a relative with some type of ego agenda that you can’t avoid or can’t get rid of, otherwise, just respect yourself enough to walk away from them.

You Just Never Agree
It’s difficult to make any relationship work, so if you especially can’t ever see someone’s point of view, that you both agree to disagree, then it may be time to avoid them.


Most of the time, these relationships come together through unlikely sources, such as at work, so you have nothing in common. You find the situation just won’t work, and find the majority of your stress and angst are a result of it, so get out when you can.

One Sided Love Affair
If you think that you feel you’re the only one putting any effort into the relationship, then ponder on whether it’s worth it. If someone cares about you, wants or needs you, then they would never allow you to feel that way.

Find someone who energizes you while making you feel worthwhile and heard. Find someone who’ll fight to have you in their life. Someone who knows how lucky they are to know you. Don’t bother wasting your time on anything less.

There’s No Belief In You
If you’re feeling that your relationship isn’t providing you with the support you’re wanting, then realize what they’re not providing. You deserve someone who’s there when you need them.

This means unconditional encouragement and support, this to compliment and add to your journey, while completely believing in you when your own faith might be wavering.

Let Go If You’re Not Getting What You Want
Ask yourself honestly if you can do without the relationship, or if it’s something that you need, and can’t live without. At times, there’s this belief that we’re too picky with what we want from others, but then, why settle for anything less than your happiness.

Never allow anyone to make you feel needy or small, this a condition for their love, care, or support. Find those who’ll listen to you while giving you insightful advice.

A true friend is someone who wants similar things, someone that you can trust while being loyal to you. Someone who believes strongly in you and your welfare. Someone who’ll make you feel special.

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