Why The Path Towards Becoming An Entrepreneur Becomes Jaded

enjoying yourself as an entrepreneurTo become an online entrepreneur is the new fad, the new sexy, the latest profession to pursue. The reason being that jobs are becoming scarce, most pay poorly, and there’s that ever persistent slave driver boss. So the trend is leaning towards self employment.

It’s also the ease of access, as all that’s needed is plugging in your computer and setting up a website. This the theory goes, and then the money flows in buckets. The cash starts streaming in as one grasps the spirit of freedom. If it’s that easy, sign me up.

This is the reason why there are so many making the entrepreneurial jump without thinking twice. What’s applauded is the willingness to take action, but most have no idea what they’re doing or getting themselves into.

The same rules of business still apply. Despite it appearing seemingly easy, what many will do is struggle for years, as most have no idea the barriers ahead of them. The biggest distractions remaining the negatives of human emotion.

Long Silent Path
This especially if you’re familiar with working in a tribe mentality, a tight team, or if you’re a flagrant extrovert who’s fueled by human interaction.

Once you become an one person band, doing all the chores, all that’s left is just you, yourself, and your vagabond ego. So get used to the isolation. The best solution is networking yourself with other entrepreneurs on Facebook or LinkedIn.

You’re Constantly Wondering
Such as if you’re doing the right thing, leaving the security of that cushy corporate job, which offered you the luxury of gliding through life, the end reward being retirement.

This is what you’ll keep asking yourself, this before going to bed or when in moments of doubt. It pains to ask yourself “what if,” when pondering on your business decisions.

You Have No Idea What You’re Doing
This because there’s no longer the structure of a job, the assigned tasks to perform once the workday begins. What you’re now required is to plan out your own workload.

You’re constantly learning new things, moving in and out of your comfort zone, finding out what works best for you.

You attempt to learn by following others, by accumulating business coaches and mentors, while procrastinating to take action.

The Beast Of Procrastination
You’re constantly questioning yourself, attempting to grow out of the negative mindset of the haunting emotions of defeat. At times, it makes you to push yourself harder, but more often, you’re driven into paralysis analysis.

During these moments, begin by taking the smallest of positive tasks which is on your to-do list, and then get them done. Doing so will give you a mini confidence boost. Then rinse and repeat until you gain momentum.

Confused By “Don’t Do This Don’t Do That…”
There’s just too much information out there, so you have no idea where to begin. It’s great that there’s those who have excellent information to share, what’s worked for them, but it all becomes bundled in confusion after awhile.

This especially if the information is from someone you respect, then they’ll suddenly give you contradictory advice. Instead, go with your gut instinct, go with what feels right to you. You can’t do everything at once, so learn to choose diligently.

The Never Ending “To-Do” List
There’s no one to report to, no one to delegate, so if you don’t do the tasks yourself, then no one else will. This means all the marketing, administration, and accounting. So realize and coordinate all your priorities.

Establish a routine by setting firm guidelines on your daily tasks. Limit the amount of time you allow yourself to work on certain things, and your business overall. Don’t ignore the other commitments and obligations in your life, such as exercising, eating, and sleeping.


You Take It Too Personal
You know that you shouldn’t take things personally, but there are flaws in your business plan you thought were airtight. So what you need is to invite these mistakes, learn from them, and then find solutions to fix them.

But since you bled your guts and soul into the business, leaked all your sweat equity into the planning, it becomes difficult not to take it as a personal failure, that you’re not good enough.

So what you need is to keep reminding yourself that all the rejection isn’t directed towards you as an individual. What they’re rejecting is your method, your offer, and there’s a million reasons why they do so, and it’s never about you as a person.

Just Can’t Relax
Especially if it’s a home based business, you can never escape from it. You can never fully relax from it, even when on holiday. You put up a “Gone Fishing” sign, but you’ll still check your phone calls, text, and email.

Then eventually, this feeling that you’re “missing” something will lessen. Then you might even go on a real holiday somewhere, where there’s no mobile service or poor Wi-Fi, and you relax by unplugging yourself.

The Self Discipline Needed To Prioritize
This because there are so many opportunities to choose from, that you lose track of what works and what doesn’t work. During these times, you need to squeeze out the best investment of your time, and go with what feels right.

What this requires is plenty of self directed discipline, which will drain out your energy tank. This occurs especially once you’re faced with those difficult moments when you’ve temporarily lost faith, or direction in yourself.

So give yourself a well deserved break if you need one. Most often, all you need is the time to reset yourself again, this to regain focus, then come back as determined as ever.

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