Write Your Version About The Story Of Your Unfulfilled Life

writing about your lifeWe all write for a variety of reasons, for therapy, to exhaust out our clouded minds. You don’t need to be good at it, it will eventually refine itself, find its own flow. We were all forced to do so in school which was dreadful, it became a chore. Mr. Ebbeson, the English teacher gave us a skeleton but no plot.

Many a frustration was then endured late at night, the pending deadline, this in the attempts to structure a sentence, develop a story. All of the punctuation errors, the spelling mistakes, the poor grammar contributed to failed attempts.

There are many who believe that to write expressively such as telling a story, writing an essay, has helped them to heal their lives. There are instances which supports immense improvement in overall well-being.

For those who write to demonstrate their frustration, anger, sorrow, their difficult life experiences, whether published or held privately in their secret journal, it’s a release of critical angst.

The underlying mechanisms are extremely difficult to pinpoint. It becomes a challenge to respond to questions such as the “Why” or the “How.” For this reason, the research from analyzing successful writers has shown that there’s benefits in finding ones flow when writing.

Just Let It Be Flow
Remove all the barriers, the blinders, the restrictions. What flow does is it takes you out of your current element of choppy, of yourself, while allowing you to feel and become a part of something that’s much greater.

So write, about anything, randomly, it doesn’t need to make sense, as it’s proven to be an activity of healing, a proven method for entering your own flow state. Just make sure that you fully expose yourself while doing so.

Who you’re not attempting to impress is Pulitzer, you’re not in the mood of thinking about an audience or gaining rewards or accolades. All you’re seeking is to find your own flow, a state where time appears to shift in silence and may even slow down.

What you forget is where you are, your issues, your everyday self at this moment. You surrender yourself to the exact moment that you’re currently crafting.

What moodiness and anxiety does is it causes rumination, which produces the thoughts of the dreary, repeatedly, over and over again. But things alter, things change once you begin to write your thoughts down.

Choose to write about your scarred life, in a private journal named hope, write a story of your disclosures, script a narrative, perhaps even a novel. Make sure that you get involved, lose yourself, get lost in the task, and you’ll begin to rise above the everyday frustrations of your life.

Write So No One Has To Read
Once you begin forming a narrative, this based on the chaotic elements of your life, the history of you. Know that this garbage out, your mind doesn’t need to produce proper structure or meaning. So if it’s a run on sentence, then be it.

Begin to write about yourself, about how your life is or should be, which is found similar to watching a compelling captivating movie, allowing yourself to get completely lost in space.

Troubled Times Leads To The Story Of Your Life
These are about the most troublesome of times in your life, you’ve happened to lose someone to eternity, you lose someone like a daughter who drifts away, you lose someone you once loved to another. You become alone, you hear echos.

Where you’ll find the most relief along with clarity, the reasons why things happen, change, during these times of seemingly personal emotional turmoil, can be cured by writing out a descriptive narrative of your feelings.

Keep them private if you must, keep them sacred. This is the bible of your life. Perhaps over time, you may choose to publish this journal, turn it online into a blog, creating a fictionalized tale of someone who has lost everything, but instead regained their life, their self worth, all this through writing.

There’s no need to struggle with plot, as it’s about how someone survived and strives with so much loss. The process of writing out all your anxieties towards the worst possible conclusions, will completely liberate and shelter you from all your fears of the world. The very world you decided to travel to discover yourself, only to find out it was right here where you left it.


The Flow Is In The Tip Of Your Pen
One way to calm the turbulance is by just writing, and the flow will arrive. You’ll become fluid, liquid. Once you become completely engaged with what you’re doing, what the rest of the world will do is recede.

Once you begin to write with flow you’ll know, you have no idea how much time has elapsed, where you are. It becomes part of a pulse which is outside of yourself, outside of your control, you begin to channel your inner consciousness.

Consider this altered state of mind as flow. It’s found that some individuals can tap this at will, regardless of where they are, what situation they may be facing. It’s found with practice, you can learn to enter such state of mind yourself.

The more often that you write, the closer that you’re getting to your masterpiece. The more work that you produce, the more likely you’ll reach your greatest work of art.

The Work Of Art That You Are
So go find a specific routine, a ritual, this to help you develop a process. The most difficult part of writing anything is deciding if it’s a waste of time, if it’s worth the effort.

But once you begin following a pattern, it then becomes authentic and automatic. The greatest challenge being if you’re up to the task. Think that your internal process, your duty, is that you will show up for this work, ready to write, set a certain time every day, and wait for the passages to flow out. No one ever said it needs to be perfect.

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