10 Ways On How To Naturally Boost Your Energy

There’s no debate the best way to feel more active, to get that instant jolt of energy is by drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Its active ingredient caffeine, helps us to get the cobwebs out of our brains, as it alerts us to prepare for the busy day ahead.

What most will admit however, is all of this caffeine intake might not be the best solution for them.

Realize there are more natural ways to inject this energy when feeling sluggish, while becoming more enthused the entire day.

Along with drinking coffee, there are a variety of other ways to naturally inject motivation in your life.

10. Cold Shower

Some choose to take a cold shower immediately after waking up, which offers natural benefits. To some, doing so might be too drastic. What it does is sends a wake up call to the bodily system.

Once we feel the cold water, we begin to take deeper breaths, which increases our oxygen intake, which increases the heart rate.

What results is a chain reaction which releases a rush of blood throughout the body. So if you’re feeling especially groggy, try cold shower therapy.

Cold water is also known to tighten the skin, produce stronger more shinier hair, while reducing stress.

9. Just Laugh

What laughter does is injects physical changes in the body. We’ve all experienced it ourselves, as what spontaneous laughter does is naturally reduces stress while improving mood.

This results in converting the doldrums into energy. So when you’re feeling sluggish, watch some funny videos, read some funny memes.

Do anything that will make you laugh out loud, especially first thing in the morning. Make sure you always leave home with a smile.

8. Lets Dance

Dancing has similar effects as what exercise does to the body, as it injects organic energy which improves blood circulation, and feeling more alive and active.

So if you don’t think cardio is your thing, just put on some music and start dancing like no one is watching.

Not only does it make you more alert, it helps you lose weight as well. So wake up and dance in the morning, or dance the night away.

7. Listen To Music

Make sure the tunes are upbeat, which can naturally inject energy while reducing fatigue, especially if the day happens to be monotonous.

Along with more energy, listening to music also makes you more productive.


When combining exercise with music, its been proven you’ll work out harder, cycle faster, run longer.

So the next time you need a natural pick me up, make sure you listen to music.

6. Go For A Workout

What’s known is exercising first thing in the morning does, is gives that energy boost which can last the entire day.

It also improves sleep while burning off accumulated stress and anxiety.

Exercising at the gym, or going for a jog does is eliminates chronic fatigue. With or without coffee, doing cardio is always a better option.

5. Take A Walk

Taking a walk outdoors can quickly shift your focus from being tired to feeling alert, and hopefully the sun is shining.

So once you wake up and still feel fatigued, instead of desperately seeking a cup of coffee, put on your shoes and go for a power walk instead.

Do so first thing in the morning or during lunch for 20 minutes, which is known to do wonders.

4. Take A Power Nap

What caffeine does is makes you feel more alert, but it can also be detrimental as it decreases memory.

What taking a short nap does is boosts memory, cognitive skills, and energy. Power naps are renown to lift mood, while making you more productive.

The best time is just after lunch, but avoid the late afternoon, as the body’s biorhythm will be offset. Make sure you keep these power naps at around 20 minutes.

3. Avoid Overeating Junk Food

There are a variety of reasons why some will feast on junk food or constantly overeat.

What overeating does is lowers energy, deteriorates health, causes weight gain and poor skin, elevates blood sugar and cholesterol, while causing mood swings.

The first step is consciously avoiding these types of foods, especially in the morning. Choose to eat healthier instead, by ingesting nutrients which injects energy.

2. Get Some Sunshine

What the sun provides is the best source of vitamin D, which infuses the body with energy.

It’s a well known mood enhancer which boosts metabolism, while reducing the much dreaded SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, especially during the colder months.

What the sun rays does is boosts serotonin levels in the body, which injects better mood while promoting sound sleep. So once waking up, spend at least 20 minutes outdoors.

1. Natural Energy Boosters

Adaptogenic herbs are an excellent way of fighting off stress and fatigue, working as potent energy boosters, along with providing other benefits.

Just keep in mind when taking herbs or any other natural stimulant, to always consult with a doctor or herbalist first, for any potential conflicts.

What’s recommended are a group of herbs such as Panax, ginseng root, Maca, Reishi, or Schizandra.