The 4 Action Steps To Attract Anything You Want In Life

One truth about the Universe just a few understand, is we attract whatever it is we think about the most. Our feelings and emotions attract and creates our thoughts, and these thoughts become our reality. The process however, needs to be executed correctly for it to resolve what we ask for.

If it’s not approached properly and the steps are not followed in sequence, there may be disappointment.

The process needs to be embraced with passion and faith, and in exact order.

Believe the knowledge you have, the power and the control you have over your life’s direction, has abundant potential.

Realize you can attract anything you want in your life, you may of previously thought had been out of reach.

Know that “knowledge is power,” but it only becomes useful once it’s properly activated.

Knowledge is useless, if it just sits in a book that’s never been read or lying dormant in your mind. Knowledge not used, is the same as ignorance.

Your life will begin shifting in your favour, regardless of what happened in the past, once learning how to manifest your desires.

What needs to be understood, are the 4 steps to attraction. You can then construct a new successful life for yourself.

STEP 1.) – Be Specific To What You Want

Most just have a vague notion of what they really want, such as “I want to make money,” or “I want a new house,” or “I want a new relationship.”

How big of a house do you want, and in what neighbourhood. Does it have red brick, or is it just painted white. Does it have hardwood or carpet, etc.

The point being, you need to be as specific as you can in precise detail, to get the outcome you want.

Once you specify precisely what you want to its exact detail, the quicker the results will be.

STEP 2.) – Don’t Set An Exact Time Frame

What most plan is a specific time frame to what they want, and then become disappointed once it doesn’t arrive.

Instead, leave that timetable open, as the Universe will plan the most efficient and exact way, to get what you want to you.

Be specific on exactly what you want, down to its intricate details, but be flexible when you want that “thing” to manifest.

Never say, “I want a new car by next Wednesday.” Doing so is too ambiguous and demanding. However, be specific about the type of car, colour, options, you want.

Release the “how and what” to the Universe, and then allow it to deliver it to you.

Having a plan, is taking action. What taking action does, is opens up the channels of distribution the Universe can take, to deliver what you want.

Never get caught up in the “how’s” of what you want. Follow a plan, but also be open and be flexible to change.

The plan, is just a method where your desire can manifest, but it shouldn’t be your goal.

Make sure you’re completely open, to receiving your “want” through whatever channel the Universe chooses for you.

The Universe is infinite and flexible, and it has a variety of ways to bring your want to you.

STEP 3.) – Never Lose Faith

The reason why some never get what they want, is because they fail to generate the proper mindset and emotion.

Many lose hope or aren’t fully committed when they’re visualizing, affirming, thinking about what they want.

What they have is a false belief, by they thinking just visualizing for a short period of time, then what they want will magically appear at their doorstep.

Once it doesn’t, they usually give up and claim this manifestation thing is bunk.

What needs to be activated, are the feelings and the full commitment associated with that desire.

If you want a new car, then imagine how it would feel to tangibly receive it and drive it, and keep that feeling.

STEP 4.) – Always Take The Necessary Action

What then needs to be taken is action, which is mandatory. The vibrating energy that is the Universe, is an ‘ocean of motion.”

The universe is a dynamic entity, and continually shifting every second. To get what you want, you need to shift with the tide.

You need to align yourself with your desire, by taking small positive steps towards your goal.

Physically go down to the car dealership for instance, pick out the exact car you want, and even take it for a test drive.

What you’re doing, is sending out a clear precise message to the Universe, you expect exactly what you’re asking for.

Once you get any type of creative insight on what you can do to help get what you want, then act on those impulses immediately.

Once you develop a plan of action to manifest something, once you know exactly what you want, then start the process.

Allow the Universe to bring it to you.

On those occasions when you fail to take action, is when you won’t get what you want.

Follow The 4 Step Process

Once you decide to take the necessary steps towards what you want, the chances improve you’ll get exactly what you ask for.

For the non-skeptics who believe in this process, what they’ll claim is they got exactly what they wanted, because they set goals, and worked hard to get it.

Realize there are millions of people like you on a daily basis, who sets “goals,” but very few will achieve them.

By using the 4 step attraction process, the odds increases you’ll get what you want. Keep the belief, keep the faith.

Then “coincidences” will begin to happen in your favour, as the Universe starts to align to your wants.

Once you keep the faith, and work on the detailed plan to achieve your objectives, then what begins to manifest is what you want, usually from a completely unexpected and unrelated source.

Taking positive action, is a sign of faith on your behalf.

You’re proving to the Universe, you’re serious about your intent and willing to meet it halfway.

All that’s required by you is to follow the process, by taking positive action on a daily basis, while keeping the faith.

You’ll then begin to manifest exactly what you want.