Why We Go Through Life Thinking We Don’t Fit In Anywhere

These daunting thoughts strike us usually late at night, in the dark stormy recesses of our unsettled mind. These are the times you may feel perplexed, about this whole thing called life. Where do I fit in exactly at this exact moment in time and age.

We ponder this in wonderment when we’re alone, usually sipping a glass of liquid courage called wine, for stimulation.

We dwell back at the context of everything we’ve accomplished in our life, and wonder how we’re connected to it all.

These are the common thoughts of many. So never feel alone, stay grounded, don’t drift away.

You Are Never Alone

The consolation, is there are plenty of individuals similar to you who are in the same exact situation around the globe right now, as you are.

The same state of feeling completely vulnerable and pointless. How helpless you feel, how empty our lives have become.

Without a doubt, you may feel the world around you is shifting, passing you by. Forgetting about you.

Others like you in this predicament are now exploring and developing new and different ways, of doing and viewing the same issues.

Finding new perspectives and angles to view their life. Discovering new advanced ways, to make a living and enjoying themselves.

Change Is Inevitable

As these changes evolve, many are having difficulty on deciding where they should fit in with the big picture.

This jigsaw puzzle called life, which once snapped easily together into place, is no longer labelled or clearly defined. Life can become challenging.

It remains comforting to know and easier to decide what your own remnants are, provided they remain stagnant.

You also realize, life is a forever moving target. If you don’t keep up, you get left behind.

So how do you proceed to seize the tremendous opportunities fate leaves at your wake.

Is it even possible to skip from confusion to interfusion, from feeling separated to being linked in and be connected.

The simple answer is to just think bigger, broader, stay connected and create your own new world.


Just Think Bigger

What we’ll often do, is limit our thinking by placing labels on ourselves, along with those around us. We judge and generalize everything.

I am a minority in this country, you are Canadian, he is wealthy, they are elderly, etc.

By typecasting these different classifications, it becomes easy to create an environment where you don’t fit in anywhere.

The more we categorize people, the less likely we’ll have something in common with them. The more likely we begin feeling out of place.

But, if we begin to think bigger, broaden our horizons and view of the world. It then becomes easier to see how we can fit into the abstract, the different colors of the world.

Once we think to ourselves, “Hey, I’m human,” or “At least I’m alive,” does is it expands the spectrum of possibility.

Suddenly, we can then fit in anywhere. We find everyone and every place, is linked together somehow.

Get Plugged In And Get Connected

The world has shrunk while our minds have expanded. This with the development of technology, such as the Internet and wireless communication.

People you would have never interacted with in the past, suddenly are now available at a moments notice and a finger tap away.

This access of individuals, information, and other cultures expands and connects the world whenever we want to, wherever we are.

We have immediate retrieval to this data, which makes it possible to realize there’s a massive variety of people around us.

These interactions gives us insight into how others live, work, and play. We can watch and instantly learn about what life is like, they living elsewhere in the world.

We find although people may think and look different, were far more alike.

Instant Connectivity

This link is now less informational and more interactive. We can go on the Internet, and connect with others through social media in an instance.

We can immediately plug into people who are halfway around the world, or next door and communicate.

We’re able to find long lost friends in different countries, or connect to others who have similar interests, challenges, and similar beliefs.

We can do so with a simple click of a mouse, or a tap of a screen and do so right now.

Through this common infrastructure now at our disposal, we’re able to access a wealth of information which plugs us into where we can fit in.

Creating Your Own Puzzle

Once we begin thinking bigger, what we’re doing is associating ourselves with a wider spectrum of people and things.

Getting connected helps you interact with them and their principles, displaying you are vital and part of the tribe.

So there’s no burden trying to fit into the puzzle someone else has created. Why not just define your own existence you’re wanting to portray, and create your own profile.

It then becomes easy to situate where you fit into this maze, on your own terms. The script you wrote for the world to view.

It doesn’t need to be difficult once you open up your world, just by thinking unique, by displaying your creativity.

Forging Your Own Path

Regardless of what type of existence you’re wanting to create, there are thousands of others similar to you, who are wanting or thinking the same.

They’re scattered around the globe, while having distinctly different backgrounds from you. But once you expand your horizons, that no longer matters.

In all likelihood, there will be some who has already figured out how to get the same type of existence you’re seeking out. And are willing to share information with you.

Your Own Construction Pieces

You can pick and choose the parts of your life which works best for you, and then blend them with your own ideals.

Then soon, you’ll have created something that’s totally unique, something you can call your own.

You then won’t need to worry about not fitting in anywhere, since you live in your own world you’ve created, on your stipulations.

As this world continues to evolve and transform, the once traditional roles are becoming blurred.

So just think bigger, connect yourself and begin creating your own niche. You’ll then fit in, you’ll be accepted anywhere you go.