Why We Go Through Life Thinking We Don’t Fit In Anywhere

These daunting thoughts usually strikes us late at night, in the dark stormy recesses of our unsettled mind. These are the times you may feel perplexed, about this whole thing called life. Where do I fit in exactly at this exact moment in time and age.

We ponder this in wonderment when we’re alone, usually sipping a glass of liquid courage, for stimulation.

We dwell back at the context of everything we’ve accomplished in our life, and wonder how we’re connected to it all.

These are the common thoughts of …

9 Ways On How To Make Yourself More Likeable To Others

What people naturally gravitate towards are those they like, rather than someone who they don’t like or are turned off by, this by instinct. The ones who are avoided are those who are smug, standoffish, arrogant, or don’t come across as cool and hip.

It’s a natural reaction to be attracted to likeable people, who comes across as genuine. We can instantly improve our likeability factor ourselves by being more friendly, open, and down to earth.

What we want is to present ourselves to others as approachable as possible, with …

How To Reveal Who You Really Are Getting Intimate With Others

how to be more transparentSome people just come across as cold and frigid, they come across as distant, they fail to ever develop true friendships. They berate themselves, convinced that they’re fated to never connect close to another human, to ever join forces with a person of interest.

They’ve known this sole existence as a child. What they do is list their lack of close relationships and place blame on their upbringing, that they’ve experienced trauma, bullying, a chronic medical condition, dysfunction such as divorce or parental abuse.

Any of these life altering events …

Secrets Of Being More Popular Loved And Adored By Others

someone who could improve their likeability skillsWe all want to be more liked, we all invite adoration, to be accepted by how we look and how we act. So if you’re not currently loved by absolutely everyone that you meet, then there are ways which you can improve.

Are you satisfied with just getting along with your coworkers, or do you genuinely want to be liked by them, as a friend, as there is a distinct difference.

“Getting along” with others just requires mere compatibility with that person, as both of you reach a common …