9 Ways On How To Make Yourself More Likeable To Others

What people naturally gravitate towards are those they like, rather than someone who they don’t like or are turned off by, this by instinct. The ones who are avoided are those who are smug, standoffish, arrogant, or don’t come across as cool and hip.

It’s a natural reaction to be attracted to likeable people, who comes across as genuine. We can instantly improve our likeability factor ourselves by being more friendly, open, and down to earth.

What we want is to present ourselves to others as approachable as possible, with an attitude that’s nonjudgmental.

What matters is giving a good first impression, such as greeting others with a smile, while projecting the sense you’re well adjusted with yourself.

9. You’ve Defined Your Purpose In Life

Begin by getting rid of all the “should of,” “would of,” and “ought to” out of your vocabulary and mindset, and your life. Be definitive on what you want, and then prove it to yourself and the world by doing it.

Begin by rolling up your sleeves, buckle down, and do the hard work that’s required. What procrastinating does is leads you nowhere and astray.

What’s known is those who spends their time thinking too much, pondering what they should be doing, will stumble along with their lives.

To be more likeable and attractive, show the world you have determination, courage, purpose and you are an action taker.

8. Strive To Become More Successful Everyday

For those who are determined to become successful, what they do is instantly attract other like minded individuals who are success orientated as well.

Once reaching this threshold of getting better, show your gratitude by sharing this success with your new friends.

What you’ll become is a natural magnet to attract the right attention you want, from those who are equally as relevant and interesting as you, or from those who are better off than you currently are.

7. Always Be Honest With Yourself By Telling The Truth

What someone who’s likeable projects is the aura they’re a genuine person, and they deliver the “real goods” every time and under every circumstance.

Those who are genuine, has come to terms with what they’re capable of, and will apply it realistically to the real world around them.

So just be more honest with yourself and others by telling the truth in every life situation, even if it hurts, or it damages your relationship with them.

Then the right people who are meant to be in your life, will gravitate towards you.

6. Increase Your Mindfulness And Awareness Levels

This might sound repetitive, but be more aware of everything that’s happening around you. It’s one of the key proven stepping stones, to becoming a more attractive likeable and popular person.


What you need is to be more aware, not just in your immediate environment, but also on how you come across and react to the changing situations and surroundings around you.

Running around unfocused, being aloof and not being proactive, will just lead you towards frustration and rejection.

5. Become Inspired By Others Who Are Likeable

What’s known for certain is some have the “it” factor, while others, the majority not so much. Make it a point to associate yourself with those who you want to be more like, so you can mirror their mannerisms.

Generate the same energy level that they have. Emulate others who you respect.

This doesn’t mean those who are just physically attractive, as that’s impossible, but be more like those who has the same personal qualities you want yourself. Those who has that strong magnetic pull.

4. Always Consciously Know What’s Happening Around You

If you’re wanting to be more likeable to others, then know and react to what’s happening at the precise moment, by responding to the events and surroundings around you right now.

Never publicly act like you’re living in the past, or thinking about what’s going to happen in the future.

Always make it a point to make yourself current, so you can respond decisively and favourably to what’s trending around you.

Rarely dwell on the past, never show anxiousness of the future, as the same opportunities that are there right now, may never be available again. Seize the moment.

3. Fill In The Gaps On What’s Missing In Your Life

Before you present yourself to the world, pinpoint and know exactly what all your personal deficiencies and limitations currently are.

What are the areas in your life, the gaps you need to work on right now. The holes that need to be filled to be a more complete person.

In order to feel better about yourself, to get yourself into your comfort zone, you need to solve your personal issues first.

You need to resolve your deficiencies and concerns the best you can, then being liked by others will come naturally.

2. Think Big Go Big

Project yourself as the real deal, a genuine go getter who knows what they want, and will do whatever it takes to get it. The “go big or go home,” the “fake it until you make it” mentality.

This trait is extremely attractive, as what’s likeable in a person is someone who’s focused and self driven in their personal and career goals. They know what they want.

The wider the gap is, between who you are and what you want in your life, and what or who you should be, the less attractive you’ll appear to others. So work on everything you need to improve on.

1. Show You’re Well Adjusted

Constantly coming across as being too overly eager, anxious or annoying, about all the mundane things in life, can be an instant turnoff.

The reason being, what no one wants to deal with is unwanted drama, someone who’s too full of themselves, or are insecure and narcissistic.

If you’re trying too hard to please others, what that does is raises a red flag.

Know and sort out what your personal issues are, know how you come across, and you’ll suddenly become more attractive and likeable.

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