7 Ways Of Knowing Who Your True Friends In Life Are

As we grow older, what we eventually do is reach a point in our lives when we don’t really expect much from anyone. We realize we’re ultimately on our own in this journey called life, regardless of who claims to be our friend or ally, family included.

It turns out our only true friend is me, myself and I. What we do as a result is settle and get to know and befriend ourselves.

We eventually become jaded and lose faith in others, wondering if they will really be there when we need them the most.

We also realize no one should be made responsible for our happiness and well-being, other than ourselves.

Some claim this is no way to journey through life, as we are all interconnected beings that need attachment. This to be happy, to live a well balanced harmonious life.

Friends In Need

So what we constantly crave for are people who we can call a friend. Those who say they’ll look out for and support us, through thick and thin.

These are people who are similar to our thinking, has experienced similar turmoil and may even look or act like us.

When we’re down and despondent they pick us up. The exchange is mutual, as we look out for them as well.

True friends are there to pick up your scraps and piece you back together, when no other soul will.

They will keep you company not only in our most happy and fortunate moments, but also during those dark moody unhappy times.

What it comes down to is knowing the traits on what a true genuine friend is.

1. True Friends Allow You To Be Yourself

Take inventory of all those who you think are your friends. Those you think truly likes you unconditionally. They should never try to control you, or constantly tell you what to do.

True friends won’t try to change you, talk dirt behind your back, or attempt to convince you shouldn’t be anyone other than yourself.

What they do, is give you the respect and the permission to just be you, without judgment.

They’ll allow you to be yourself, as they’ll love you for who you are, how you act, and not dictate how they think you should be.

What true friends will do, is give you the freedom to be yourself.


2. True Friends Will Make You Better

What true friends will do, is force the best out of you. They add value to your life, they make you want to become better.

They’ll improve your life with their kind words, their presence, the compliments, how they love how you behave.

True friends will encourage and inspire you to live your life to your fullest potential, to become better not bitter. Look at the good instead of the bad.

True friends, will constantly push and encourage you to flourish to become your best.

3. True Friends Keep Their Word

Love is an action verb. Once someone wants you to know how much they love you, how important just your presence and existence is to their life, they’ll do so by proving it.

What they’ll use are a variety of beautiful kind and passionate words, and stand by those words by taking action.

Friends who genuinely care about you, will honour what they say, by they showing up.

4. True Friends Will Carry You Through The Storm

When you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. When you cry, you cry alone.

Those who may not always agree with you and will let you know, is when the true value of their friendship shines through.

These are the lasting relationships who’ll be by your side through thick and thin.

True friends will laugh with you and never snicker behind your back. They will remain with you through all those dark days of sorrow.

They’ll be there, in times when the love and support is needed the most. This is when and where true friends will reveal themselves.

5. True Friends Will Be There For You

Those who claim to be your friend, but aren’t always there when you need them the most, have no concept of what friendship means. They fail to give you their attention as you would for them.

If they really care about you, and if the relationship really matters to them, they’ll find the time to make themselves available to you as promised.

They’ll find a way to spend quality time with you. A genuine friend will find the time in their busy lives, in your time of need.

6. True Friends Will Never Disappoint You

What true friends will constantly do is rekindle your inner spirit, by faithfully and constantly reminding you who you truly are.

They understand what drives your engine, what’s underneath the layers of your soul.

This is because they care, love and adore you, and because they see beyond your temper tantrums, fears, doubts, and insecurities.

They’ll constantly be reminding you of who you really are underneath the dark clouds, by helping you tap into your potential, your inner beauty, wisdom, and power.

True friends will be there for you, to help you to live a better life, as you would do the same for them.

This love exists from a place of positive growth, light, truth and integrity, and not from a place infested with fear and doubt.

They will never criticize you on how you act unless it’s constructive. They’ll narrate you through the destructive path you may be on.

Once a true friend compliments on how you should be, you’ll begin changing your ways, at times thinking it was your own idea.

7. True Friends Will Keep You Grounded

Regardless of how many times you fail, how often you stumble backwards, what matters is how many times you get back up again. How fast you recover.

It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make, in the attempts to get better. A true friend will guide you through this, and you will be there for them.

True friends will be there for you, regardless of how many times you default back into your wild crazy ways.

Regardless of how often you fall into your negative toxic habits, at times harming yourself and those around you, true friends will put a stop to that and pull you through.

Those real friends in your life will never leave your side because of your bad behaviour. They’ll never condemn you for acting human.

We all have or did something we’re not proud of, those skeletons in our closets, and true friends will keep them a secret.