A Men’s Guide On How To Buy Jewelry Online

Like most men, I struggle when it comes to buying jewelry. I feel uneasy because I have no idea how much it’s supposed to cost for a certain piece. I know diamonds are expensive and are usually for special occasions. I know there are certain precious stones and metals that cost more than others.

Like many, I can’t really tell the difference between a man-made stone and the real thing. I get suspicious once I see department and chain stores downtown advertise deeply discounted jewelry.

I just don’t know what to believe, as the jewelry industry has a reputation of being overpriced, bad quality, deceptive and cutthroat.

I think I’m a savvy consumer, and I know I don’t want to pay a huge price for markups, or won’t assume if it costs more it must be better.

That’s when I found the solution, which is buying jewelry online from a reputable source.

Buying Jewelry Online

But isn’t that just as risky you may be wondering? “The reason being when you buy online, you have to pay upfront based on an image before receiving it! That makes most a tad skeptical.” Understood.

Well, I’ve bought a lot of other things over the past few years online, such as t-shirts and video games. I do so because there’s generally a better selection and lower prices. Online jewelry is no different.

The reason for the lower prices is because online stores have much lower overhead. There’s no middlemen or staff, and no expensive storefronts.

What this results in are lower prices, for the same or better jewelry pieces such as necklaces and watches. Some are also customizable, for that special someone or occasion.

Transactions are now completely safe and transparent. Every online store now offers a money-back guarantee, and the service is usually excellent before and after the sale.

The Advantages Of Online Shopping

There are numerous advantages purchasing at this day and time. Consumers and their money are rapidly flocking online, as it’s now an accepted and trustable form of commerce.

The truth is, I dreaded going to the conventional “stuffy” jewelry stores downtown, because of the sales pressure they inevitably place on you, similar to buying a car.

They profile you, such as asking who it’s for. Then they will usually display the really expensive jewelry first. They try to make you feel like a cheapskate, unless I spent more.

The implication is always, “If you really love her, you would buy this more expensive piece. Isn’t she worth it?.”

I hate to be placed into that position, and it is one of the reasons why I prefer shopping for jewelry online.

Questions About Buying Jewelry Online

There are obviously a few drawbacks when buying online. It can at times be difficult to get a true idea of the product. Is the online jewelry store reputable?

You can’t really get the true “feel” of a piece of jewelry other seeing an image. You can’t obviously see it up close and touch it in person like at the store.

Then again, along with the risk of getting talked into buying something you really can’t afford, most of the jewelry on display in stores, we don’t get to touch anyways.

So the high quality images on an online jewelry site, often shows more detail than what you can see in a store.

The Advantages Of Online Shopping

One important advantage of shopping for jewelry online, is you can sit at home and compare the various offers.

When shopping for jewelry online, each item is usually described in detail. That way you know the exact material used, the types of stones available, the metal, the size, fit, finish. Everything you need to know.

If you’re shopping for a necklace for example, you can search by type, material, price range or any other criteria you want.

Likewise, if you’re interested in birthstone collections for instance, or a Mother’s Day message card gift, you can simply bring up the category and compare prices and designs to your heart’s content.

If you have a certain price range in mind, you can view whatever suits your budget. There is never any pressure.

The Selection Of Online Jewelry

The selection available on online jewelry stores can be massive. When shopping for special occasions, there are hundreds of beautiful designs in a variety of categories.

The advantage as mentioned, is that every detail of the piece is described and available with precise images, and competitive prices.

Your selection is available in an almost endless variety of styles, with any type of metal, shape or design.

What’s also important is how fast they ship. Are they local? Is there an unconditional “no questions asked” money back guarantee they honor?

Does the online jewelry store have an FAQ section. Do they have valid feedback and testimonials from other online buyers. How many complaints are there.

Is the customer feedback genuine, as you can detect a phony testimonial a mile away.

Where To Buy Jewelry Online

The bottom line is crystal clear. Buying jewelry online means there’s no more sales pressure from commission earning salesmen.

There’s more selection, better detailed information and lower prices with no hassle. Online jewelry shopping offers easier comparison shopping, and generally better service.

So the next time you’re in the market for a fine piece of jewelry, try shopping online.

Reputable online jewelry stores such as Jeweluer.com, offers the latest trends and unique customized styles at affordable prices.

Jeweluer.com, a ShineOn brand, offers a toll free 800 number, for any questions or complaints 24/7, along with an Ironclad money back guarantee.

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