Why We Begin To Age When We’re Wanting To Look Forever Young

There are a number of theories on why we humans begin to age, some more gracefully that others. What’s not known for certain, are the actual scientific reasons why we age, but just assumptions. All we know is that our bodies are designed to grow older, so all we can do is prepare for it.

What’s known for certain, is that the cells in the body are programed to divide a certain number of times throughout our lifetime. Once this division process has reached its maximum number of times, our bodies will then begin to fail. There are certain genetic elements, which controls the number of these allowable cell divisions.

One reason on why we age, is because of the general degradation of the neuroendocrine system. It’s the neurological and hormonal programming that regulates the body, which begins to get tired and worn out, making us susceptible to a variety of diseases, making us look older.

Environmental Hazards
We live in a pollutant world, and it’s our body that absorbs these toxins, along with a variety of poisonous waste products much like a sponge, which damages our wellness. One of the results of this buildup, is the poor utilization of glucose within our physiological system.

What results is our internal system gets defeated, and begins to shut itself down. What’s known is that all this toxic buildup, can affect and damage the structure of our DNA.

What also contributes to aging is how hard we work and play. It comes down to the wear and tear of our organs and limbs, this by living hard, which causes our joints and our body parts to damage.

There’s also the free radicals that invades our bodies, which contributes to aging. What just everyday living does, is absorbs these free radical oxidants, which damages the cells and organs, which contributes to we looking older.


Then there’s the law of entropy, which is the theory that there’s constant movement in the universe, as nothing ever stays the same. Because of this chaos, our bodies get caught in this inertia, resulting in aging.

Reasons For Aging
What many wonder is which parts of our body actually ages. Aging occurs once our arteries begin to get clogged, our joints begin to flare up with arthritis, our organs begin to slow down and start to wear out, and we don’t heal as fast as we once did.

There’s scientific proof, that what we have are certain cells in our genetic make up that we’re born with, that we’re not able to alter or remove. How we actually age however, is still primarily up to us, and our responsibility.

The environment that we live in, our tendencies, our vices, all contributes or detracts to aging process.

What’s thought is that our inherited genetics, just accounts for around 30% of how we age. Genetics also plays a smaller role as we grow older. Once we reach 80, it comes down to our behavioral choices.

So What About Those Genes
There are some who are biologically predisposed, when it comes to the early onset of arterial aging. What they’ve inherited is a tendency of getting high blood pressure, high cholesterol, becoming obese, etc.

Others are culturally predisposed to certain diseases, this because they’re introduced to bad food or poor eating habits, such as foods high in saturated fat, which has proven to accelerate the aging process.

There’s a saying, you’re as old as your arteries. Once the arteries become clogged, what’s deprived is oxygen and nutrients that can reach the cells. Once this happens, the entire body begins to age.

It’s cardiovascular disease that’s one of the leading killers among adults, who chooses to continue to eat unhealthy food.

To Avoid Major Illness
There are genetic controls in place in your cells, which protects them from becoming cancerous. Once these cellular controls begin to slip, is when pre-cancerous cells starts to develop.


How you’re able to react, adjust, and condition yourself, this to environmental, biological, social, and psychological challenges, all have a say on how young you look and remain.

What living or working in a hazardous environment, obviously has is a negative effect on your health. What remaining mindful of your mental state, this by becoming a life long learner, contributes to life.

Choosing to remain sociable, by maintaining close personal relationships with family and friends, where you can laugh, have fun and just enjoy life keeps you young, as does developing passionate life enhancing interests.

How Men And Women Age
It’s thought that men will reach their peak performance, this when in their late 20’s, while women will do so in their mid 30’s. This is when our bodies are fully mature. This is the period when we’re at our strongest and mentally acute.

Somewhere between the ages of 28 to 36, is where most will hit their turning point, and there’s a switch from growing to aging.

The telltale signs is failing health, such as backaches during this time. Once we humans reach this turning point in life, our ability to compensate, this physically and physiologically, begins to turn. This can be a momentous event, as for the first time we begin to suffer.

The Decline Begins
Our physiological functioning along with cognitive abilities, will begin to decline as we grow older. What’s thought is that our biological functioning, will begin to decrease anywhere from 3% to 6% every decade, this once we reach the age of 35.

The good news however, this provided we choose to do so, is that certain functions such as mental acuity and IQ, shows no decline, or can at times even increase. This occurs for those who chooses to be mindful, and consciously wants to improve their life.