Best Water Filtration Systems For Drinking Pure Crisp Water

drinkingpurewaterWater is vital as it’s the key element which sustains life on this planet. We have been told numerous times that drinking plenty of clear refreshing water is absolutely essential for maintaining good health, as well as flushing out all the bad toxins by sweating it out, while it nourishes our cells by keeping all of the vital organs at peak performance.

The proper hydration levels will even raise your current energy levels as well as protecting your body from diseases. But before you jump off your sofa and run to the kitchen tap, you should be considering the following strategies to enhance your water. It’s possible that drinking the required amounts of water can work as a key catalyst for improving your overall health.


Make Sure That The Water Is Pure
In some of the cities as well as the towns across North America, water coming out of the tap usually flows free of any pollutants or any other unsavory bacterial substances.

But there’s also obviously the not-so-pure water supply which exists in our taps. So to be safe, you should consider investing in a water filtration system to produce cleaner healthier water. Since there are a variety of different devices which will filter out the different impurities in the water that we drink, you should be aware of what’s lurking inside it before going out and actually purchasing a water purifier.

To find out exactly what contaminants may be residing in your tap water, and if you’re in the United States, you can check out the “U.S. Environmental Protection Ground and Drinking Water” website, which is found at (, or you can also contact your local water utility company for an analysis report.

There are a few water filtration methods which are available on the market which should suffice, so you’ll be sipping clean and safe H2O in no time.


Activated Carbon Filters
These filters are extremely effective for reducing or removing chlorination byproducts in your tap water, such as, mercury, copper, lead, parasites and pesticides. You can find these activated carbon filters by using those pour-through pitchers, or the one’s which are faucet-mounted. The filters which are used activates carbon charcoal to soak up as well as lock in the toxins before the water hits your drinking glass.

These charcoal filters will also eventually lose its ability to filter the debris as they will become clogged from the contaminants in the water. So it’s recommended that you replace the them after every 40 gallons or so.

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
Reverse osmosis is a little more of a costly method of filtration which involves the filtering of the water where it reaches your house’s plumbing system. Reverse osmosis is also the only technology which is certified by the EPA in the United States to eliminate chemical perchlorate, which is a rocket-fuel ingredient that’s associated with thyroid disease.

Although using reverse osmosis filtering happens to be one of the most effective ways to purifying water, it may at times work too good, as the process will also strip out most of the healthy substances in the water, such as certain minerals, this, along with all the unwanted toxins.

Distillation By Boiling
Another method of purifying tap water is by boiling it. This is the “old wives method.” It also happens to be one of the most effective and ideal filtering methods as well. So if you’re wanting to distill and remove the heavy metals which are resident in your drinking water, such as mercury, fluoride and even arsenic, boiling is the way to go.

Electrifying The Water
For those who are interested in the trendiest of water treatment devices, you can alter the actual atoms which are in your tap water. Doing so can potentially strengthen your immune system as well as helping to fight diseases and strengthening your overall health.

These are known as water ionizers. These are attachments that go directly on the faucet which uses an electrical current charge which spurs a chemical reaction. The result is producing water which can vary from mildly alkaline water to highly alkaline.

This will allow you to be able to gradually adjust to higher levels of alkaline water for drinking. When you drink alkaline water regularly, the ionizer manufacturers suggest that you can actually speed up your metabolism while slowing down the aging process, as well as eliminating free radicals.

There has been studies which suggests that the long-term drinking of alkaline water may actually lower blood sugar as well as the cholesterol levels while preventing DNA damage. Drinking alkaline water helps in balancing your body’s pH levels while guarding it against diseases.

There are some expert’s however who advises that before purchasing these water ionization devices, (which can run in the $1000’s), is that you wait until the actual clinical trials are completed and they are actually able to confirm that the various marketing claims are true.


Oxygenators Which Nutrify’s The Water
There is yet another method of water treatment device which is known as oxygenators. What they do is increase the health value of your tap water by increasing the concentration of the actual oxygen in the H2O.

The oxygenated water is touted as an energy-booster. There are however several studies which show that this “super H20 water” does very little to improve your athletic endurance or pump up your aerobic performance which are claimed by the manufacturers.

Electrolyte-enhanced water however can be a vital asset to replenishing all of your essential minerals which are lost after a hard workout. If you happen to be exercising for a while, especially in a hot or humid environment, sweating will deplete your body of critical amounts of electrolytes.

This super water is able to replace those lost electrolytes—minerals, which helps to regulate blood acidity in your muscles as they also contain potassium as well as sodium. So that’s the claim why these “smart waters” are on the market, for this reason. You can also add a few drops of Electrolyte directly into your own drinking water as well for quick healthy replenishing.

As far as vitamin-infused water goes, you should avoid any which contain sweeteners. They also shouldn’t be relied on as the primary source of vitamins or minerals as they claim to be. You’re better off taking your own vitamin supplements in capsule form for best results.

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