4 Natural Ways To Slow Down The Aging Process

Aging and getting older accelerates with time, as the clock and momentum will carry it forward non stop. That’s the one certain universal fact of life which most of us know will happen, but are not always willing to embrace or are prepared for.

So as the days turn into years, and father time and mother nature marches on, we begin spending a lot more time, effort and money in the attempts of slowing down the aging process.

This since we’re wanting to look and feel younger.

Some of our …

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9 Natural Mind Tricks To Improve Memory

On a daily basis, the human brain is bombarded with a variety of different concepts, facts, dates, and numbers to remember. It’s not possible for the tiring noggin to grasp and remember all of them. Everyone on occasion forgets. The human mind is no different than any other type of physical memory storage device.

But there are ways to refine it better than any other mechanical retrieval system. What it’s capable of, is storing information in the form of data, facts and figures, while being able to recognize hundreds of …

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10 Signs And Symptoms You Are Deficient In Magnesium

What’s not that well known is magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral that’s found in the human body, and the 8th most abundant mineral found on earth. It’s involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. Around 50% percent of the magnesium is stored in the bones, while small traces are found in the blood.

It’s magnesium that’s critical for maintaining the majority of proper organ functioning. Signs of magnesium deficiency includes tingling, numbness, cramping, and abnormal heart rhythm, which can elevate into serious health issues. What’s known …

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Caffeine 101: The Chemical Reaction Coffee Has On Anxiety

Coffee is considered one of the most popular psychoactive drugs of our time. It’s legal and available just around the corner at the local barista. You can drink as much as you want and feel its seduction. Coffee as a chemical compound, when it reacts to the brain generally gets positive reviews.

It makes the mind sing on edge, it boils the blood in motion while stimulating the muscles.

Caffeine is capable of accelerating the digestive system, keeps you alert, while supplying the capacity to engage longer when it comes …

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10 Ways How Stop Drinking Soda Can Improve Your Health

We all engage in a number of vices, consume foods and drinks that we know we shouldn’t. We indulge in addictions such as smoking, this to the point a habit turns into a fixation. What then results are feelings of crankiness and irritability, become low in nutrients, feeling ill and drowsy, and eventually bad health.

The best cure to kick an “addiction,” is knowing the consequences and its results, this when wanting to quit. A popular beverage such as soda, which are carbonated drinks that contains high amounts of empty …

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Top 10 Cheap Foods That Are Healthy When On A Tight Budget

If your financial situation needs to be improved or you’re a student, these are the times when it becomes important to eat as healthy as possible, this to avoid any prolonged illness that you can’t definitely afford. Once you keep yourself healthy from within, you’re in a better position to fight off any ailments, allowing you to concentrate on your financial difficulties or schooling.

It’s possible to eat on the cheap, feeding on nutrient rich foods, while saving money during the process. The formula becomes to eat as wholesomely healthy …

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The Reasons Of What Causes Memory Loss And Forgetfulness

“There’s recently been a lot of information when it comes to Memory Loss, only if I could remember where I wrote it down,” says the comedian. Does that sound familiar to you? Has forgetting things been happening to you a lot lately? Losing things, misplacing your keys, going into a room and not remembering why. Should you be getting worried, that your mind’s beginning to slip.

There’s documented information, when it comes to when you should start beginning to worry about memory loss as it happens to all of us.…

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How I Lost 38 Pounds To Fit Into My Wedding Dress

Hello This Is Sarah Livingstone
Please Read My Story And Message On How I Lost Over 38 Pounds With A Safe Simple and Sensible Weight Loss Plan called… The Cinderella Solution… I know 🙂

I’m no longer ashamed to say that I’m fat, as it’s a life condition that can be changed. Being fat, yes that “word” remains taboo for some, but is no longer a concern of mine, and it doesn’t need to be yours either, by taking the right steps.

Here is my story. In the fall …

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