Dr. Max Sidorov Big Diabetes Lie Ebook

If you are suffering from diabetes, wouldn’t you like to stop doing the daily ritual of pricking your finger, constantly testing what your blood sugar level is, or needing to monitor exactly what you eat on a daily basis? Don’t you want to stop taking all of the prescribed medication and the constant insulin shots, all which makes you feel sluggish while you’re wondering if they even work?.

Wouldn’t you rather instead want to join tens of thousands of other diabetics like yourself, who have recently discovered and are using a few proven techniques for improved health?

Feel and …

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Top 10 Natural Home Remedies Without Using Medication

What we often do is experience common body pain, suddenly unexpectedly suffer from some type of “boo-boo,” this from toothaches, headaches, to stubbing your toe. Pain can also arise from injury along with disease.

Most in this modern day will treat whatever their ails with with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. But know that there are immediate solutions that’s found in your kitchen cupboards, specifically your spice rack, which offers less side effects.

These are natural solutions that your grandmother most likely used, and are proven true today based on clinical research. There’s a number of common cooking ingredients, that contains …

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The Metabolic Cooking Diet By Karine Losier And Dave Ruel

What we’re always looking for, are better ways to improve our health. Such as searching for better more efficient ways to lose stubborn body fat. We also want something that’s been proven over time, has a track record with documented testimonials.

If such a product exists, then it’s worth our time to look into it, such as the Metabolic Cooking program by Karine Losier.

So what is Metabolic Cooking, and how does it work you ask? How does this specific cooking method work to help you lose weight?

What’s known is that it’s based on a simple yet primary …

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9 Reasons Why There’s Still Hope For The Human Species To Exist

After the Industrial Revolution, the world as we know it began to rapidly change. Over the past century, the outlook of our lovely little green planet remained somewhat predictable. But today, recently, the future of mankind is becoming increasingly hazy and uncertain.

The citizen’s of earth are now becoming increasingly tense, as there’s the scarcity of resources and the constant threat of war, forcing most to think that we’re living on borrowed time.

Some futurist claim that the potential to destroy our civilization, is just a push of the “red” button away. But we remain, prefer to see the …

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Why The Brain Needs A Healthy Fat Balance For Optimal Functioning

The fats that we consume bombards us from all sources, directions, and types. These can include saturated, polyunsaturated, short, medium, long-chain and sterol fats. The variety is endless, and not all oils are the same. What each of these categories does, is plays different roles in our bodies. Some good, while others can be detrimental, or harmful.

The different fats found in the body are assigned various roles, depending on its type. Some can be an excellent calorie source, which provides energy. The “good” fats function as a signaling mechanism for molecules, which relays messages back and forth between …

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What Is The Paleo Diet Review On PaleoHacks

This Paleo diet, also fondly known as the caveman diet, is because it dates back thousands of years. This lifestyle diet has also been claimed by many, to not only help lose their body fat, but to also vastly improve their health.

Following the Paleo diet may lead to several health improvements, which includes healthier body composition, improved metabolic effects, while lowering the rate of obesity and heart disease.

What you’ll be eating, is what our ancestors ate for them to survive another day, which is mostly whole foods. The diet has been proven to aid in weight loss.…

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10 Essential Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life

There are now millions who claim they’re survivalists, and live “off the grid.” That they’re preparing or are sheltering themselves in case of some type of catastrophe or danger.

Or imagine you suddenly find yourself lost or stranded on an island, or deep in a forest somewhere, far away from civilization. You need to learn how to survive another day.

What if some form of natural disaster strikes, an “act of god,” and what you need are the core essential skills to survive the following night, weeks, or even months.

What you need is the basis survival skills that …

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Top 10 Old Wives Tales Our Elders Used To Solve Common Pains

What we often do is experience body pain, suddenly, unexpectedly suffer from some type of malady. Anything from toothaches, headaches, backaches, to stubbing your toe. Pain can also arise from injury, along with from disease. Most in this modern day will treat their ailments with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. Know however there are immediate solutions, that’s found in your kitchen cupboards, specifically your spice rack, which offers less side effects. These are natural solutions used by your grandmother, that are still proven to be effective today. These common cooking ingredients, can work wonders for pain relief.

10. Honey To Reduce

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5 Detrimental Ways How Sugar Is Proven To Damage The Brain

An addiction is an addiction, some are just more obvious than others, but detrimental just the same. Anything that’s bad, anything that damages health, something as common as sugar is an addiction. Most are aware of its negative effects, that it’s harmful for their heart and waistline. Most aren’t aware how damaging it is on the brain. What the brain needs however are small doses, for it to function properly. The type it needs is glucose, which is naturally found in foods such as fruits and grains. The type to avoid is fructose, which is commonly found in processed …

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8 Common Foods That Are Recommended To Reduce Inflammation

What’s needed is a certain amount of inflammation, this to act as a buffer to combat various infections that are attempting to enter the body. It also responds to injury. What a growing number of people suffers from however, is chronic inflammation, that’s caused by excess stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and a diet that’s loaded with processed foods. If inflammation persists over time, it can lead to serious disease such as diabetes, heart and cardio issues, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. Chronic inflammation can however be managed, by adding certain everyday anti-inflammatory foods into your daily diet.

8. Various Herbs And

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