How To Keep Your Creative Juices Active By Remaining In The Flow

What everyone’s heard of or experienced is burnout. This once the balance beam that’s in the brain goes off tilt. This for those who needs to be creative, such as writers, as the active juices begin to dry up. So the need is to become clinical, and find out what the root causes of the burnout are.

There are the irregular shortages, the temporary burnout situations that’s caused by distraction, stress, or real life real world issues, such as attempting to work with those demanding yet permanent deadlines. Dealing with the routine anxieties of life, or suddenly having too much work do to, this all at once, can leave one overwhelmed.

It could be the volatile world that we live in. The chaotic political situation we’re suddenly faced with, one that demands us to do something, to stand up for ourselves. Then what ever we happen to be doing suddenly feels trivial, unworthy, and insignificant.

Situational Burnout
Whether it’s just a temporary burnout situation where tomorrow will be a better day, or there’s situational burnout, where external forces distracts you from performing how you can. At times, the solution can be alleviated, this by taking some time off.

Just keep reminding yourself that you would never trade places with anyone else, especially not someone who does the 9 to 5 grind, needing to comply to a job which has no flexibility.

What you need is to reset and reboot yourself, refreshing yourself by taking a time out, this with a good rest, by sharing your time with like-minded others, who may be in the same situation.

Learning To Find Flow
There is however another form of burnout that’s a bit more sinister and permanent, and that’s one that grinds away at your psyche, one that’s alerting you while demanding that something in your life needs to be altered drastically.

This is the type of burnout that’s opposite from being in the flow. What many have heard of or experienced, is this state of flow. This is when you’re so engaged in doing something you enjoy, that you lose track of time.

Once you do something you love, you’re entranced by it so much that nothing else matters at that moment. That you’d rather do that activity more than anything else, regardless if there’s a “reward” attached to it or not.

What finding this hypnotic state of flow means, is that you’re living your life in the moment, which is congruent with what your deepest dreams are.

To Balance Flow And Burnout
What’s known is that every life activity needs a balance. The key becomes to balance yourself between the two, this to remain focused.

The counterbalance to burnout, is finding flow in your life. What’s needed to counteract getting burnt out, is knowing how to get back on the balance beam, by regaining that sense of flow back into your life.

Whatever you’re doing in your life or work, you do so because you love doing it, it makes you feel happy. It places you in that state of flow, where time passes quickly.

So capture the essence of why, the motivators that makes you feel the way you do. Get in touch and connect with the strongest ones, and then concentrate on those intently.

What you need is to feel that whatever you’re doing, is the most meaningful thing that you can do for yourself, and the world around you. Then seek out ways on how you can focus on the tasks, which fulfills that same meaningfulness to you.

Love What You Do
If you do what you do because it’s your job, but you really don’t enjoy it that much, then know that you’ll eventually burn out, usually more often than you want to.

But if you absolutely love what you’re doing as an occupation, you’re completely passionate and would even do it for free, you do it for the sheer passion of it, then you’ll remain in the flow.


To Find Balance
If you dread what you do more often than not, that there’s some parts of your work that you absolutely despise, realize and accept that all jobs have some undesirable aspects to it.

Refuse to battle the parts of your job you don’t like. Keep mindful during those times when you don’t like what you’re doing, this to keep yourself balanced. Remain mindful, then you won’t experience burnout.

To Keep Focused
Find others who feels the same way. Find those such as coworkers who you can laugh or vent with, commiserate with, and make sure that you meet with them regularly.

Discuss what you don’t like, what irritates you. Don’t come across as if you’re angry or constantly complaining, but just voicing your concerns. Others who understands or agrees with you, can keep you balanced.

Think and evaluate before taking on certain tasks that you don’t like or bores you, especially if the reward or pay is mediocre. What’s needed are time management skills, while needing to make progress with your most cherished goals,

Make sure that you replenish your energy by doing meditation or exercising, as what having low energy can contribute to is getting burnt out sooner, or becoming irritable. Do everything that you can to be the healthiest you can be.

Keep reminding yourself what your alternatives are if self employed, such as going back to the corporate world and getting a job. The need to drive during rush hour on a daily basis, or dealing with a critical boss.

Get rid of all the clutter and simplify your life. Get rid of things that no longer have meaning, or you no longer have any interest in. Start something new, as new is exciting.