Certain Beliefs Of Modern Health Which Aren’t Necessarily True

best for belly fat lossThe Internet is an excellent source of information, as it provides questions, queries, and solutions for all your ailments, this available at the tip of your fingertips. We also know that this content is readily available, this because anyone and their dog can create content, so we need to be careful.

This especially when it comes to information regarding our health, as there are a lot of conflicting information out there. There’s plenty of false information that the shrewd marketers develops, this to make a quick buck.

This could be a fad diet, a miracle cure, or a solution for expressing a medical condition. There’s plenty of common beliefs which appears to make sense, but hasn’t been scientifically proven.

There are misconceptions abound which if not careful, can lead towards serious consequences, or could keep you stranded from living a true fulfilling life.

Taking Daily Multivitamins
Vitamins are building blocks, so are certainly a necessary component which contributes to a healthy diet, but that doesn’t always mean that you need to take daily multivitamins.

For the majority of people, other than pregnant women or extreme athletes, there are an array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients absorbed from the foods that we eat, and not from a daily multivitamin.

Some experts will also warn of vitamin overdose, as too much absorption of certain vitamins or nutrients can actually become dangerous.


So pay extreme attention to the recommended daily intake for your age, medical condition, and body type. Always check with your health adviser before taking any supplement if you have certain conditions.

Being Overweight Is Unhealthy
What we instantly assume is that one’s weight and health are equated. But according to research, it’s possible to be healthy while being moderately overweight.

What medical professionals have constantly argued is the accuracy of the body mass index (BMI), this when it comes to determining ones health.

The reality being that there are some who are classified as being obese, this by measuring their BMI, but it’s actually their body’s suitable weight, and are thus healthy.

What’s a better indicator is ones lifestyle habits, the level of activity, diet, general physique, and any existing health conditions leading to being overweight.

All Fatty Foods Are Bad
What’s become commonly confused, is that most will associate the fat that’s found in bad foods is the same fat that’s found in the gut, thinking they’re the same.

True that the over consumption of burgers, hotdogs, chips, fried foods, and candy plays a big role in weight gain, but not all fat out there are bad for you.

Dietary fat becomes essential because what it does is supports several of the body’s functions. So the key becomes eating the right types of fat.

Stay away from trans and saturated fats, which are commonly found in fried or processed foods. Choose monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and Omega-3 fatty acids instead.

These are the healthy fats which are found in fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil, canola oil, safflower oil, all which are beneficial.


For Flat Abs Do Crunches
Doing sit-ups can be done anywhere, and are the quintessential exercise for a flat stomach. But it turns out doing countless crunches won’t necessarily give you that washboard stomach.

What experts claim is that just losing the fat in that area, the belly, is more important to getting a flat stomach than doing crunches. What crunches does is tones up your abs, but this once you’ve removed the fat first.

The best method of getting rid of belly fat is a mix of core and cardio training. What’s recommended is alternating between mid to high intensity cardio, this to burn off the fat stores.

Also, do strength training exercises which targets the entire midsection, from the buttocks to the shoulders by doing bridges or planks.

If you’re wanting to add crunches, just make sure that you do them properly, otherwise, you’re more likely to put too much strain on your neck and back than tone your stomach.

Lifting Weights Puts On Bulk
This especially for women who are concerned that lifting weights means that they’ll bulk up, as that’s not always the case.

Strength training is a necessary part of a well-rounded exercise regimen, but most women will either skimp or skip the weights, this because they don’t want to look like a bodybuilder.

What women have are lower levels of testosterone, so that makes them less prone to bulk up. Instead, what lifting weights has proven is to be an effective method of slimming down.

What muscles does is boosts metabolism, which burns calories even when not exercising, which aids in weight loss.

For those who combines diet, weight training, and aerobic exercise, consistently loses more fat than those who just diets and does aerobic exercise.

But Exercise Is Too Time Consuming
We’re all busy with work, errands, family and friends, all which comes first, let alone it becoming difficult to find time for eating and sleeping, so there’s never enough time to go to the gym.

What research has found however, is that doing shorter spurts of exercise sessions, this rather than longer workouts are more beneficial.

For instance, those who took 10 minute walks 3 times a day, had lower blood pressure than those who took one 30-minute walk.

Other than longer sessions of cardio that’s needed for weight loss, generally, any type of activity is considered better than nothing.

You don’t need to sweat it out in a hot pilates class for an hour, this to get the stress reducing, health boosting benefits that exercising provides.

Instead, just walk to the grocery store, take the stairs, bike to work. Just aim for around 30 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise on a daily basis, and you don’t need to do it all at once.

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