How The Exact Words You Speak Dictates Your Life

What we all do is talk to ourselves first. We feed our minds with usually harsh words or at times comforting ones, on how we should be acting or reacting. There’s a constant running dialogue, a chatter in our conscious minds.

This commentary describes what we’re thinking, what we should do next. The words we speak will vary depending on if we’re stressed or challenged, or cool and relaxed.

We will alter words, select and filter them out once we begin talking verbally to others. The everyday vocabulary we choose, the words we use becomes extremely important to our daily welfare.

It’s thought for those who have impoverished vocabularies, will end up living impoverished lives.

To Talk The Talk

Those with rich vocabularies or fluent in languages, will have multitudes of colours to paint their vision, for others to experience and for them to feel.

The words we speak, directly influences how others react, and what we experience, as certain words can help and heal.

It’s your words that makes us laugh or cry, create or destroy. They can cause comfort or pain.

Words activate emotions which create actions, and these actions are how our lives are formed.

Every belief is created by the original words we chant, which is constantly changed or challenged by other words.

Choosing words to describe how you feel or what you’ve experienced, can instantly change and alter the perception of the event emotionally.

Words Dictate Your Life

If you’re in complete control of your life, what you’ll consciously do is evaluate and improve on the quality content of your vocabulary.

This to ensure the words you speak are pulling you in the direction you’re wanting to go, instead of somewhere you don’t want to go.

If you’re constantly saying you “dislike” or “hate” something, such as you hate your job, hate your hair, all you’re doing is raising the intensity of your negative emotional state.

Once you change from saying “I hate” to “I prefer,” such as, “I prefer to get a new car,” or I prefer a new job or new clothes, it becomes a positive action, of wanting something new rather than hating something.

So begin by changing your habitual vocabulary, as what those words are doing, is describing your current state of life.

Once you change the words you say, what you’re changing is how you think and how you feel about yourself and the world around you.


You Become What You Speak

Listen to what you’re saying to yourself right now, what your mind is rambling about, as what you’re doing is creating your destiny.

What the words you’re thinking of right now are doing, is shaping your future beliefs, which impacts your actions. So choose wisely.

The poor choice of words you think of or speak, will just give you poor results. So be careful of the words, when you’re faced with a new challenge in your life.

Ask yourself. “What can I learn from this, so I won’t repeat it?”

Using better words produces a better question. A better question, will always produce better results.

Why Self Talk Is Powerful

For instance, someone is having a bad day, and you happen to run into this person at the office. They’re more then happy to ruin your day, because they think it’s their duty to do so.

There’s a saying, “If I’m having a bad day, then everyone else should as well.”

If you manage your self-talk, then no one is going to decide how your day is going to go. Your self-talk could be you’re not going to allow someones poor attitude, to force negativity into your life.

Why would you want to become a passenger of your life, allowing others to dictate what you’re going to think or experience.

You can avoid this, by taking control of your life by what you think and say.

The Magic That Are Words

All you need is to create new empowering words and phrases, for every new situation in your life, and what you self talk about on a daily basis.

Repeat these new affirmations during the day, or whenever the need arises. Repeat them before you go to sleep.

Once you begin to fill your mind with these positive empowering words and thoughts, you’ll begin to attract the things you’ve always wanted.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Realize you’ll still need to work for these new changes by taking action, but you’ll now be working smarter instead of harder.

You can decide to choose to help people achieve their goals with no agenda, and not expect anything back in return.

This way, once you pay it forward, you’ll begin to achieve all of your own goals and dreams.

Once you stop getting involved in other people’s drama or business, then negativity won’t seep into your life. Think how much better your day will then become, compared to others.

Be as honest to yourself as possible on a daily basis, as that’s the best gift you can give yourself and others. Never take sides, never get sucked into their vortex.

Creating Results By Visualizing

If you’re wanting to create something new, become profitable, become successful in life, then use positive words to visualize these images in your mind.

Successful people will always tell you their best life experiences, their biggest wins are a result of they visualizing exact images.

Athletes and artists, are known to use visualization to create what they want before hitting the canvas.

A marathon runner will visualize themselves crossing the finish line without injury. They see themselves running painlessly with perfect stride and breathing technique.

Your success in life, is strictly because of the words you speak and then visualizing them, which makes it easier to formulate and take action.

Words To Success

No one would become successful, if they constantly said to themselves, “I’ll never achieve anything,” or “It’s just too hard.” They never think words that destroy.

The difference between those who are successful and those who are not, is they refuse to think what the unsuccessful are thinking or saying.

They’ll instead think about empowering words that will help them, and then turn those words into action.