Dear Lousy Bad Valentine: Found 40 Ways How You Cheat On Me

cheatingonvalentinesdayFind out, know and realize the various ways and signs that your spouse or partner is or may be cheating on you, after all, it is Valentine’s Day. These are the most obvious tell-tale signs that will commonly appear if they are indeed wagging behind your back. Make sure you know all the subtle signs. There are no false signals when it comes to cheating. So start analyzing the reasons if you feel or suspect that something is a bit off kilter.

Some Signs That… That Other Person (Insert: dirty rat) May Be Cheating On You:

• The wife or husband suddenly stops wearing their wedding band
• There are unexplained new unfamiliar scratches or bruises on his or her back, neck or body
• He or she decides to buy a brand new “burner” smart phone and doesn’t bother to tell you about it
• He or she suddenly or slowly stops having sex with you
• She decides to join the gym or spa and begins a rigorous workout/training program
• He or she sets up a new separate cell phone account that’s billed to his or her office
• He or she begins to suddenly delete all incoming phone calls from the caller ID
• You accidentally stumble upon some birth-control pills in the house, and you’ve had a vasectomy
• Deletes any and all incoming e-mails that he or she used to save
• He or she insists the child seat or the toys, etc., are kept out of the car
• Your cheating husband or wife starts to seek advice from you rather than confiding in you
• They leave the house smelling like Ivory Soap or Old Spice, and in the evening they smell like Irish Spring
• Your closest dear mutual friends all of a sudden start acting a little awkward and strange around you. (They know all about the cheating or heard rumors/stories about your partner.)
• He or she becomes “accusatory,” suddenly asking if you’re being true to him or her, usually out of sheer guilt
• He or she begins to create new e-mail addresses and doesn’t bother telling you about it
• He or she buys themselves new underwear
• Suddenly wants to try out new love techniques
• He or she suddenly begins to raise hypothetical questions such as, “Do you think that it’s possible that you can love more than one person at a time?”
• He’s not that hungry since he just ate at her house and you prepared dinner when he gets home

Half-time Intermission

• Suddenly has a desire to help with the laundry
• He or she suddenly or routinely wants more sex, more often
• Your spouse’s co-workers are suddenly uncomfortable while in your presence
• Spends a lot of time secretly on the computer, especially after you have gone to sleep
• You find new unfamiliar items of intimate apparel or other small gift items that you never gave your spouse
• Supposedly works overtime a lot, but surprise… it doesn’t show up on the pay stub
• His or her clothes has unfamiliar perfume odor or after-shave. You see unfamiliar lipstick on your husband’s shirt
• He or she has a definite change in their attitude towards everyone in the house
• The amount of money that should being deposited into your joint checking account drops off significantly
• Is suddenly preoccupied with his or her appearance
• Your spouse seems on edge and less comfortable around you, is “touchy” and easily gets angry
• Your spouse is always away from home, either at night or on business trips, more than previously
• You get phone calls to your house where the caller quickly hangs up when he or she hears your voice
• You accidentally find out that he or she took a vacation day or personal leave from work, but never told you and supposedly worked those days
• He or she loses attention in the activities such as housekeeping in the home
• He or she uses a low tone of voice or whispers on the phone or hangs up quickly
• He or she tells you that they can be reached at a different phone number
• The cheating husband carries condoms with him, and you’re on the pill
• Your intuition or gut feeling tells you something is not quite right
• Begins to pick fights in order for he or she to stomp out of the house
• She goes to the supermarket for groceries and comes back home 5 hours later without groceries
• Begins to show an interest in different types of music
• And the biggest and final telltale sign of a cheating dirty rascal spouse? Having to ask your spouse that question in the first place

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