Get Everything You Ever Wanted From The Power Of Expectation

howtosetyourexpectationsWhat we should be doing on a daily basis is fulfilling the expectations of ourselves. Begin by looking up, the direction where you want to go, and that’s skyward, this to get better. The first step is setting our sights beyond what our current circumstances are.

Inherent in the definition of “up” is that it’s infinite. There’s always that next rung on the corporate ladder, another battle to fight, another person to help, there’s always more room for improvement. So look up, and if it’s a sunny day, there’s nothing but blue sky and hope.

So what’s holding us back, what’s holding you back. It’s found that the main reason, the primary culprit on why we don’t achieve more is because the expectations that we set for ourselves are usually too low.

This because once an expectation is set, any expectation, our minds will spring into action to fulfill it, and it’s so powerful that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, so any prediction once it’s made, can become true.

We Get What We Expect
We see it daily in ourselves and in others. Most have observed or felt the power of expectation. For instance, someone at work mentions that they’re coming down with a cold.

You respond by saying, “I’ve heard that there’s a bug going around,” or “You do look a little ill.” Now that person expects to get sick, this the power of suggestion. Then sure enough, they call in sick the next day.

Those Who Care About Us
There are those who care about us and our welfare, so they impose their expectations on us. These are usually friends or family, and the expectations are usually positive and considered normal.

For instance, if our spouse expects that we’ll be home for dinner with the family, this is considered a normal expectation.

Since we care about who we associate with, they’ll usually have more power and control over others to influence our opinions when it comes to our ability. At times, a well-meaning person can deter you from pursuing your life purpose, one method is by planting doubt.

Say that you truly think that you have the ability to sing, and want to possibly make this a career. But in subtle ways, those close to you will begin to plant doubt about your singing ability, not wanting you to get hurt or disappointed.

They think that they’re protecting you or doing you a favor, but the result is you ultimately choose another career path which is less risky. Although they mean well, they have steered your expectations.

Looking Out For Number 1
We are the most important person in our life: me, myself, and I. We, and only we can can determine our destiny, our place in the world. But instead, what we do is constantly compare ourselves to others.

What we usually do is listen to our own voice first before any other, so listen to what you’re saying. If you say you can do it, then you’re more than likely to dismiss any evidence to the contrary.

Aside from those in our direct inner circle of influence, there are others who has the ability to be able to set our expectations for us, provided that we give them the power. We just need to know once this occurs.

At times, we’re more than likely to change our opinion because someone that we highly respect has a different opinion or viewpoint.

Instead of taking their word for it, what we need to do is evaluate their opinion objectively. What we don’t want is to close ourselves off from change. We want to make sure that any change we make is a conscious choice.

How Should I Choose
For most, what we did in the past controls our present, while our future impacts how we currently view things. If the past happens to be controlling us, it’s usually because of guilt.


Once we feel guilt, we don’t think that we’re worthy of success or deserve something that we want, this because of our previous actions. As difficult as it may be, we need to let go of these feelings of unworthiness.

We also need to forgive someone who bothers or annoys us, as forgiving someone doesn’t affect them as much as it affects us. It would be surprising to find how little others really think about how we feel.

Controlled By The Future
If you feel the future is controlling you, it’s usually in the form of anxiety. What fear of the future does is it immobilizes what we do in the present.

What guilt, anxiety, and worry does is it causes us to be ineffective, but beyond that, what’s worse is they’re responsible for the majority of our health issues, such as ulcers, heart disease, and a weakened immune system.

Shifting And Keeping Our “Expectations” To The Present
So what we need to do is set our expectations to the present, right now, this very moment.

Although we should take into account our past experiences and our education from the past, and keep our dreams and goals of the future, the only real time that we’re able to take action is right now, this very moment.

The good news is that when we do look up, this from where we’re currently at right now, this is the only way that we’re able to change and alter where we’re going.

What we need to learn is to reawaken, and then keep ourselves awake, this by our infinite expectations. There’s no other encouraging fact than the ability of us humans to elevate our lives higher by a conscious endeavor. This is the reason why we live another day, one that gives us hope.

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