Handcuffed Reasons Why You Can’t Break Free And Get Started

There you are full of vinegar and intention. You’re ready to break free from that J.O.B. that you despise. A job where someone dictates your hours and your income, while constantly telling you what to do. You’re just another employee, a “number” stamped on your forehead. You’re ready to escape.

You’re wanting to make a new start, to get away from that never ending treadmill known as the rat race. So what you did was created an escape hatch, you’ve made a plan to start your own business. To be independent, to be your own boss. To decide your own line of work and hours, to escape the prison that is employment.

You’ve longed for a while to get away from that dead-end job. What many have is a similar dream, to strike out on their own.

What invariably happens, is that it becomes an all too familiar “Catch 22” situation. The cycle of initial excitement, which is followed by procrastination, confusion, frustration, then ultimately abandonment.

There are many who gets caught in this whirlpool of despair, as they bow their heads and go back to their jobs Monday morning. What’s needed is to break away from this repetitive behavior.

Invest In Better Education
Never hesitate to spend money on education, training, the tools and resources that you need, this to help you learn how to become successful in your business.

It can however become expensive, to invest hundreds or even thousands on a course, tutorials, seminar, program, or SAAS.

If you want to better yourself, then do it. Making a financial commitment also forges a mental commitment, that you’re dedicated to reinvest and reeducate yourself. What you now have is openly obligated, declared to make something happen, and that you’re accountable.

What you shouldn’t do however, is get caught in the trap that’s known as being a “professional student.” What you don’t need is every marketing course or ebook that’s on the market, which is a form of procrastination. Make sure that you invest wisely, and you take action.

Learn From Those Who Are Successful
It’s easy to become discouraged and distracted by all those naysayers, who are on the warpath attempting to prove that something doesn’t work.

This can be dangerous because it’s usually your friends or family, who doesn’t have the same vision or goals that you do, or are looking out for your best interests.

Just learn from those who have become successful, who’s made a lot of money in your business or niche and can verify it, who has a reputation of being a market leader.

Take advantage of every webinar and coaching opportunity. Follow their program while not altering the system. Avoid the temptation of second guessing the process.

What everyone thinks is they have a better solution, that they have a better way of doing things. Realize that there’s a reason why the process is laid out, so just do what you’re told. Since they’ve made money and you haven’t, try it their way first.

Take advantage of the methods that are working for them, take advantage of the expertise that these leaders in business have developed. Doing so will save you hours of manual labor, attempting to figure it out yourself.

Find Your Niche Market
You need to start somewhere, so find a market niche where you want to begin. Health, business, relationships, etc. Avoid trying to do everything at once. Prioritize by placing first things first.

If you’re an Internet marketer, have a product, and a system to market that product, this before doing any advertising, by setting up a foundation first. Like any other business, you’ll make mistakes, while learning as you go. The key is taking action.


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Now that you’ve decided what you want to do, the next and most obvious step, which at times is the most difficult, is to “just do it.” So buy that domain name, create a website.

The world won’t come knocking at your door, you need to kick it down yourself. Take action, take the next step, challenge yourself, one that will propel your progress forward.

What you’ll initially feel is fear, as you experience growing pains. It’s that queasy feeling in your stomach, the excitement of starting, mixed with wondering what the hell you’re doing. This uneasy feeling however, is a good sign.

For you to get more than what you currently have, what you need is to do more than what you’ve currently done. What this means, is getting out of your cozy comfort zone.

You need to tell yourself that if you’re wanting to run with the big dogs, then you need to get off the porch. How soon that you decide to do so, is up to you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail
What you need to ask is, what’s the worst that could happen. If it’s rejection, then you’re on the right track. If it’s your friends or coworkers laughing or mocking you, then think of the last time they wrote you a check.

Don’t be ashamed, be proud that you’ve chosen your vessel to freedom, and it’s up to you when you set sail. Just make sure that you do.

Always Take Action
Never procrastinate. Take a progressive step forward on a daily basis, regardless of how small, this until it becomes routine and a habit. Then quicken the pace.

What every successful person has done, is pushed themselves over the ledge. They couldn’t see what was ahead of them, they only knew they would land on their feet somehow.

They took a leap of faith, they risked their capital and their time, and did what it took to ultimately become successful.