Reasons To Make The Proper Choices And Take The Right Action

Everything that you currently have in your life, is a result of the choices that you’ve made. Understand then embrace the dynamics of this essential power. You suffer once you lose control of your destiny. Freedom lies in knowing you choose everything. Taking no action at all, is also a choice, as nothing ever stays the same.

You justify your failure by saying, “I had no choice” or “I can’t do anything to change my situation,” or “there’s nothing I can do.” All which are convenient false beliefs. You can “choose,” then allow the Universe to create that outcome. Realize that in every situation, you have the power to choose.

With every choice that you make, there’s a consequence along with the energy that’s spent on it, which is also time consuming. If you think you don’t have a choice, all you’re doing is deciding how much energy you’re not wanting to spend on it.

You Always Have A Choice
Say you don’t like your job. What you do however is decide to stay, this because you’re scared of change, that the economy is plummeting, and finding another one appears bleak. You also can’t afford it.

The price that you pay for this choice, is you’ll continue to feel hopeless, remain bored, as anger and depression sets in. Eventually, what this feeling will do, is affect every area of your life.

You can also choose to stay, and alter the energetic structure on how you see your current situation. This by adopting empowering thoughts, which can create a positive change in how you view your current job.

“I’ll choose to stay at this job, because it provides a secure income at this time. I will remain on the lookout for better opportunities, and know this is just a temporary situation. I can quit when I want.”

Or you can choose to quit the job knowing you’re a creative being, and can manifest better sources of income. Externally, this appears like a risky choice to make, but on another level, what you have is faith.

Choosing to do nothing is the safest, but continuing to live under those circumstances, will rob you of your life force. The best choice you can make, is to remain at the job while choosing to find new opportunities. What choosing to quit, is a risk.

Choices In Relationships
You choose to remain in an unhappy stagnant and at times abusive relationship. You continue to complain about your miserable situation, and why you can’t leave, this for a variety of reasons.

You justify it while making excuses for your circumstance, all while continuing to live in anxiety and fear. You choose to dream on what else might be out there for you. What you won’t do however, is give yourself the opportunity to explore them.

Your affirmation may be: I love this person, so I choose to communicate my feelings with them, to hopefully bring the needed changes. I’ll focus on the positive qualities, while allowing them to be the guiding force. If I’m still unhappy and things don’t change, then I’ll choose again.”

By doing this, what you’re doing is empowering yourself, this by knowing that you’re staying because it’s your decision and your choice, and not because you don’t have any other options.

It’s Your Choice
You can choose to leave the relationship, while knowing that doing so, can lead to some potential short-term pain and loneliness. You know you might feel a sense of loss and anger, but what that will eventually lead to, is an undeniable sense of freedom.

You know that all of the negative thoughts, the levels of anxiety that you’re feeling, will eventually dissipate, making way for a stronger higher vibration of life affirming energy.

Your affirmation can be: “I am choosing to leave this relationship because it’s not contributing to my ultimate happiness. I know it may hurt for a while, but there are also millions of potential people out there, and numerous opportunities to meet them. if I choose to.”

It’s My Choice
Once you use the words “choose” or “choice” in your affirmations, what the Universe does is listens and takes action.


The Universe will then begin to realign and renovate your world, this to meet that choice. Realize that there’s nothing it can do, rather than do what it’s told.

What’s “Missing”
The same principle applies to what you think is “missing” in your life. You want a new job, start a business, want a new relationship, but you see nothing that’s manifesting in your life.

What you can do is choose how you see your current situation. You can make conscious choices, on how you’re wanting to get to the place that you’re wanting to get to.

Using negative affirmations: “I’ll never work for myself, I don’t have the guts to start my own business,” “I’ll never find a better job,” “I’ll never meet my soulmate,” “I will always be poor, I’ll never get what I want.” All you’re doing is reinforcing that choice, to create more of the same.

Choose Positive Thoughts
Choose thought forms that are creative and affirming, and then watch how your life manifests and ultimately transforms. The Universe is standing by waiting, ready to help you in the choices that you make, this to create what you want.

So choose to take the steps, to immerse yourself into learning and gaining knowledge. Convince yourself you “need” to start your own business. Choose to place all of your energy, into creating what you want.

Choose to believe that there’s an abundance of potential partners and friends waiting for you. Choose to just attract those individuals who want to be with.