How To Have Fun And Enjoy The Happy Times That Is Summer

enjoy the summerSummer is what everyone looks forward to. The dread cold of the winter, the miserable rain of the spring, gone, as the sun shines and the vacations begin. How much better can that get. Everyone is out and about, as the clothing and inhibitions are removed. All is happy and having a great time sipping on their cocktails.

So there’s pressure for everyone to be in a good mood. A person isn’t supposed to be moody this time of year, as it’s summer. What everyone appears is doing what they’ve planned all year. That holiday, the family or school reunion, to crash on the beach, to relax and enjoy the hot summer nights.

So the protocol is to chill, lay back and relax, to have a great time and enjoy yourself with friends and family. All the smiling faces, the picnics and the spectacular sunsets followed by fireworks. It’s an easy fun time.

Some View A Different Lens
Some look out at yet another hot summer day, and all they see are empty streets and sprinklers on the lawn. Where has everybody gone to enjoy this fabulous weather.

What they then see are joggers, a group of bicyclists wearing neon tights, and wonder how the heck they can muster up the energy. This to get themselves off the sofa and to enjoy the great outdoors, this only to sweat and dehydrate.

All of your neighbors and coworkers has endless perhaps inflated stories, of their excursions which the sunshine provides, and their tans prove it. Yet, you don’t participate on these supposed pleasures of life.

For some, it’s especially the summer which makes them feel more alone than usual, this especially if they don’t have, or intentionally avoid plans with friends or family.

Summer Should Be Fun
Not everyone has preset plans to go away on endless vacations, traveling to foreign lands just because it’s August. There are some who go away and have a wonderful time. Many go away, but it’s not always heaven on earth.

Just because it’s hot and sunny doesn’t mean that the stresses of life suddenly dissipates. That anxiety instantly leaves them once they go on holidays. Uncertainty doesn’t take a vacation.

Family arguments, children that are cranky, how to spend leisure time, financial disagreements, and illnesses all intercepts the notions of having a carefree time.

Not everyone can afford to go to faraway lands, or has the good health to go frolic out in the sun. Some might be too conscientious of the weight they’ve tried to lose but couldn’t, or they need to attend to an elderly parent or ill sibling.

Just because the sun shines doesn’t mean the travel plans go well, or because the weather is funky, that everything meets your expectations. The destinations always aren’t as you imagined, you’re not able to relax and leave the troubles of your life behind.

Don’t Worry Be Happier
What becomes important is how you choose to respond during this happy carefree time of year, how and what you do with yourself during your leisure time.

Summer comes around once a year, so like everyone else, plan in advance for the things you want to do, something to look forward to. It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking. It could be just a day trip or a long weekend, this to change the scenery.

What doing so requires and becomes vital is planning in advance, and for some, that’s easier said than done. There are a few steps to take to get you started.

The Carefree Summer
Begin by picking something to do that’s simple, fun, and brings you pleasure and not stress. You have a close friend in another city, or a relative that you love to visit, a favorite hobby or event to pursue.

Do just the fun things that you know will relax and refresh you. Be kind to yourself while setting your expectations to have a good time overall. It doesn’t need to be perfect or a top notch earth shattering experience.


Try not to make comparisons with how others happen to spend their time, as we all know things are never as they seem. Once your plans are made, make sure that you follow through and stick to it, even if you’re not feeling up to it.

Once the time arrives for the event, don’t allow yourself to get off the hook, this by telling yourself that you’re too tired, or you feel too down on yourself to go. Force yourself to do it.

Have A Good Time
Take advantage of the great weather and do something good for yourself. Start by taking a walk at the local park, and pay attention to what the environment offers. The fragrance of the flowers, the freshly mowed grass, puppies learning to bark, children playing outdoors.

Take some of it home by opening up the windows, take home some fresh current produce from the local Farmers Market, go nurture your own backyard garden.

Keep Basic Routine
Make sure that you get adequate sleep, stick to your healthy diet and nutrition, continue your planned daily to-do activities, keep a routine daily structure and schedule.

The summer is an excellent time for outdoor exercise, such as walking, jogging, biking, as the vitamin D that’s derived from the sun is natures best cure. When there’s opportunity to get together with others, never turn them down.

Focus on the moment that you’re in, and try to put aside all the worries of past or future stresses. Make sure you have a pleasant time, as bonding with others is certain to raise your spirits, while giving you a sense of control over your life, which ultimately improves your mood.

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