How To Increase Personal Power To Gain Mental Strength

To become successful in whatever you do, what’s required is having your own personal mental faculties and attitude set firmly in place. Your personal mental issues need to be solved, before you can go out and tackle any pursuit you’re wanting to, in the big bad world out there.

It begins with having your emotional intelligence in check, so personal adjustments won’t be required when challenged by the external environment.

Your attitude needs to be well adjusted, so you’ll react appropriately to whatever task you’re faced with in life, society and business.

To become mentally strong is not having any personal leaks, to lose any of your power, which is easier said than done.

There will always be certain issues or certain people, who will always challenge you and bring the best out of you, in the attempts to demean or destroy you.

Regardless of what you do, what state of life you’re currently at, what you need is to have all your mental issues harnessed or solved.

Have No Power Leaks

Absolutely everyone has at one time or another, surrendered personal strength and power, when it comes to how they were thinking or behaving.

We’ve all succumbed to a stronger personality, and accepted defeat. What giving away this personal power does is you lose your mental strength.

So become mindful by being mentally stronger. Taking back this personal power loss is the key to being in control of your life.

Before you’re able to create any type of positive change, know exactly how you’re giving this power away.

Stop Wasting Energy By Whining And Complaining

Stop constantly complaining about something, and instead solve that problem. Whining to whomever will listen, does is keeps you focused on the issue at hand, which prevents you from solving it.

This constant complaining is another way of giving away the power you have over the situation, while also showing you have a lack of control over your attitude and emotions.

Accept Responsibility On How You Feel

What you constantly saying, “My boss makes me angry,” or your mother-in-law makes you feel inferior about yourself, suggests they have power over your emotions.

Never allow the behaviour of others to dictate how you feel. Realize and accept it’s completely up to you on how you manage your emotions, regardless of how others behave.

Establish Healthy Personal Boundaries

Once you don’t stand up for yourself or you give in to guilt trips, what you’re doing is handing over the power reins to that person.

Instead, you should be blaming them for wasting your time, or making you do something you don’t want to.


Realize it’s you who’s in charge of what you do. What establishing healthy emotional and physical boundaries does, is gives you the control on how you manage time for yourself and others.

Always Be Forgiving Towards Others

Holding a grudge against someone is like being an emotional hostage to them, similar to if they’re mentally blackmailing you. Realize they usually don’t know or care that they are.

All you’re doing is surrendering your power by punishing yourself, and not punishing the other person.

What you’re doing is wasting valuable mental energy thinking about how someone wronged you, which robs you of your ability to enjoy yourself and the moment.

Just forgiving and moving on is the best way you can take back your power.

Forgiving however isn’t saying what the person did was okay, but instead you’re just letting go of the anger and the hurt, which interferes with you enjoying your life.

Establish Core Values

When you don’t know what your values are, then you’re at risk of becoming a victim, rather than being a confident person who’s in charge of your life.

You then run the risk of jumping on board with the ideals of others you don’t believe in, while being easily led astray.

Instead, take back your personal power by establishing a core set of values, while living true to what’s most important to you.

Don’t Waste Time Thinking Unproductively

Say you come home from a job you don’t like very much. You begin wishing you didn’t have to go to work tomorrow because you despise it, so you might phone in sick.

All you’re doing is wasting free productive time by thinking of things which are pointless. After all, you know you can’t afford to take the time off, as you need to eat and pay the bills.

Take control over all these unproductive thoughts which occupies your mind, by not giving your brain the power to think things that don’t deserve it.

Avoid Becoming A Victim

Once you say things such as, “I have to work 55 hours per week,” or “I’ve got no other choice other than saying yes,” does is suggests you have a victim’s mentality.

You’re showing you have no control over uncontrollable circumstances. Although there are certain consequences for the decisions you make, always remind yourself you have choices.

Your Life Revolves Around The Opinion Of Others

If your self-worth depends solely on whether others hold you in high regard or not, then you’re nothing more than a people pleaser, surrendering your power to them.

Not everyone is going to like you in this life, and not everyone is going to agree with your lifestyle choices.

Evaluate the validity of all the criticism you receive, but never allow the opinion of someone to determine your self-worth.

Fear leads you to blend in with the crowd, attempting to fit in, which causes you to mask who you really are. Instead, trust your mental strength to be unique, dare to be different.

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