Knowing The Stages Of Your Soul Which Reveals Your True Age

are you an old soulThis isn’t based on how old you are in human years or when or where you were born, but at what stage that your universal soul is currently at. A measurement, a destination where many want to reach is being an old soul, a level of revisitation.

This follows the same basic life stage that any organism would go through in its life. An organism which begins life as an infant, and then progresses itself into the various stages of youth towards adult maturity, realizing the various stages of development.

At each level, what the soul has are identifying markers and characteristics which carries both positive and negative qualities. The key becomes knowing the age of your own soul, this based on traits, knowing where you are in your own evolution.

The Infant Soul
Those who are born with infant souls are primarily concerned with personal survival issues more than anything else, the “me” mentality, and often dwell away from the complexities which is technological society.

It’s thought that these infant souls will congregate near the equator for survival, as it’s a much easier and more fluid life there.

The infant soul can be ignorant, aggressive, fearful, and paranoid. Their redeeming qualities is the simplicity of their living, being childlike and impulsive.

The Baby Souls
Baby souls are beings which strictly play by the rules laid out by society. They are firm in their beliefs, while having a tendency to succumb to forms of fanaticism, whether it be religion or some other belief.

Baby souls are comfortable with formal rituals and ceremonies, while being strict conformist to the assumptions of theological dogmas. The good aspects of being a baby soul includes loyalty and obedience, while they indulge in pettiness and can be mean.

The Young Souls
What young souls do is struggle to express their divinity, their innate identity, but often mistakenly do so by asserting their false ego, this by misusing power or by attempting to manipulate others.

By using such tactics, they often create conflict. They’re possessive in nature and they’re low esteem forces them be to be concerned with power struggle issues.

They love to be famous, even worshiped, while hunting down success. These young souls are competitive and ambitious as they constantly seek prominent roles in their field of expertise. They’re often great winners but become sore losers.

They’re materialistically oriented, and are greatly fearful of death. They love luxury along with the many comforts of life.

Positive traits include productiveness and industriousness, while they can also be manipulative, self righteous, competitive, and give in to exploitation.

Aging Mature Souls
Mature souls are a lot less materialistic than the young souls. They seek out intellectual and cultural pursuits along with relationships, as what’s important are the lower registers of the personality scale.

At this stage, the mature soul begins to search for the true meaning in life. The soul begins to feel vacant, an emptiness in its heart because of all the mundane things that it chased after in the earlier stages of it’s life, which offered no lasting enjoyment.

This soul begins to become open-minded, introspective, while it commences its inquiry into the nature of finding the truth.

Mature souls develop a sense of caring, become perceptive, and are open to others. They can also become emotional, overly attached, and neurotic.


The Old Souls
The old soul knows the wisdom to teach and guide all the younger souls in life. They’ve experienced life and its many adventures spiritually speaking. These are the human souls which are most qualified to show others the way.

Not only do they possess intellectual knowledge and insights of the Universal truths, but they’ve also experienced or lived them personally, this through a process of soul perception.

Old souls are free spirits who enjoys their freedom, having a sense of inter-relatedness. All things are inseparable from itself, and are aspects of themselves.

They see and feel the touch of the divine in everything, such as the immature perspectives of the younger souls who may be caught in old bodies, which becomes difficult for them to fathom.

They see themselves caring for the younger souls who lack motivation, ambition, or enthusiasm for their current earthly life, as they appear reticent, detached, or aloof.

The Traits Of The Old Soul
What old souls enjoy are unorthodox spiritual practices along with alternative forms of healing. They’re esoterically inclined, as they’re constantly seeking the truth in religion, this instead of conforming to its formalities. Old souls are the most spiritually aware.

Old souls are adept when it comes to choosing along with expressing any of their previous life personalities, this according to the situations that they’re facing in their current life.

They might appear as an authoritative figure one moment, while also taming themselves to be sweet and innocent the next. They know that life is a “movie” on a continuous film reel, and that they’re merely actors playing roles. What dreams may come.

These old souls are the spiritual and mystical understanding of the other souls, while also being staked then persecuted by the ignorant younger souls. What the young will do is attack these older souls based on fear, which creates unnecessary karma.

What old souls no longer have are any negative traits or ego left in their body, although there are some who may appear obnoxious, this only for karmic reasons.

Old souls are creative artists who at times can be lazy, unmotivated, and weird. The old soul is kind, easygoing, gentle, insightful, intuitive, and can be eccentric yet harmless.

For those souls who may of passed the stage of being an “old soul,” are often said to become transcendent infinite souls.

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