How To Naturally Heal Yourself Using Energy Therapy Medicine

When we think of wireless transmission, we immediately think of our latest mobile electronic devices, such as our smartphone that can access Wi-Fi from wherever it’s accessible. What they allow for is us to remotely log in and stay connected wherever we are.

This gives us instant access to immediate information, while allowing us to interact with others.

What many don’t realize, is this technology is based on the same concept of a similar invisible connectivity, which is present within the human body.

This is an ancient internal healing process known as Energy Medicine.

This is a wireless invisible energy matrix, where there’s an electronic circuit that flows within and around our body.

The Body Electric

This unseen energy field plays a key role, as it has a strong influence when it comes to our health.

This field allows us to remain healthier, once we acknowledge and apply it.

It makes us feel a lot more invigorated, rejuvenated and healthier, much like were giving our body and mind a reboot.

What Is Energy Medicine

The definition of energy medicine, is it’s a blend of healing based on human hand touch and energy movement, which results in heightened consciousness.

Practitioners in this field claim our health, has a constant and unimpeded band of energy flow within our body.

Poor mental acuity and illness can occur, once these energy flows get blocked.

The components which are associated with caring, compassion and love are important parts of the healing process.

During these sessions, practitioners will lightly touch or hover over certain areas of the body for the healing process to begin.

No one can fully explain exactly how these methods work, but there is clinical proof that supports their effectiveness.

What’s particularly noticeable, is the ability to reduce pain along with anxiety.

Conditions that are associated with the mind and body, appears to have the best results.

There are a variety of popular techniques practiced, which offer different results and beliefs.


Reiki Sessions

During a typical reiki session, the practitioner will lightly touch the head and the torso, in a predetermined specific order.

Reiki does not aim to treat or diagnose, but what it does is it heightens ones ability to self-heal itself.

A recent study proved reiki had a positive effect on those who had been suffering from chest pain, or muscle damage to the heart.

Reiki is offered by certified practitioners along with medical clinics, as a standard adopted method of medical care.

Once performed, studies have demonstrated reiki lowers blood pressure, regulates heart rate while reducing anxiety and pain.

Therapeutic Touch (TT)

Therapeutic touch or (TT) is a creditable proven method, that’s supported by a long and established body of research.

TT begins with the practitioners hands hovering directly over the body, while not actually touching it, for it to heal.

The therapist will analyze cues, which are revealed by the body’s energy field.

Based on the exact signals the body emits, the therapist will then use sweeping hand movements for the curing process.

The analytical process begins from the head, and will slowly move down the body towards the feet.

Doing so modulates and directs healing energy, which smooths out and unwinds energetic knots.

What’s also possible is extending your own personal energy field towards another person, to get in sync with them, and picking up what’s out of balance with that individual.

Studies have shown there’s a wide range of benefits in TT, such as increased energy.

Healing Touch (HT)

Healing touch or (HT), which is similar to Therapeutic Touch, involves light touching of the body and around its energy field.

The therapist acts as a conduit for this self-healing, similar to how a midwife will guide a pregnant mother who’s in labor.

Healing Touch is also on track to becoming the very first energy based medicine program, which may receive national accreditation.

Accepted Forms Of Energy Healing

Reiki, Theraputic Touch and Healing Touch are now all widely used in medical clinics, as well as in private practice.

There are measurable effects which includes improved oxygen levels, while lowering or stabilizing heart rates.

These methods have been proven to be helpful in decreasing pain along with anxiety, while generally improving the quality of life during and after the sessions.

These therapies are also effective on a wide range of other medical conditions, especially those who may be suffering from psychosomatic distress.

Energy healing is also now used during pre and post surgeries for speedier recovery.

Modern Day Energy Healing

Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is a healing approach, based on the theory that currents of electromagnetic energy flows within channels of the human body.

Once these channels begin to flow more efficiently, the body then responds quicker.

What makes polarity therapy unique, is it focuses on the greater more abstract picture.

It encompasses a wide variety of touches along with techniques, including certain pressure points, rocking and stretch movements, breathing, emotional counseling and nutritional advice.

If a patient happens to be suffering from conditions such as mild depression or anxiety, using polarity therapy is thought to help, since it’s basically “talk therapy.”

Cranial Sacral Therapy or CST

Cranial sacral therapy is based on the cranial sacral rhythm. This is a wavelike pattern of expansion and contraction, that undulates throughout the body.

By using sensitive touching methods, the practitioner will direct waves of energy towards certain points of the head, the spine and tailbone.

What it’s looking for are abnormal rhythms which may signal potential disruption, and will then proceed to remove any impediments of the energy flow.

While Cranial Sacral Therapy is the most physically oriented technique, it still however relies on the theory of energy health.

While doing a session, what the body does it it turns off its natural “fight-or-flight” response, which triggers its natural ability to restore and heal itself.

Using CST can be effective on a variety of conditions. These include anxiety, whiplash, sports or impact based injuries, dental issues, headaches, joint disorder and ear infections.

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