Methods The Mentors Use For Attracting Money Into Their Lives

attractingmoremoneyinyourlifeAll of this Law of Attraction business that everyone appears to be doing right now, well, I want to participate, I want to attract more money into my life, so where is it, show me the money, dammit.

The biggest objective of anyone taking a personal development course is usually, they want more money. So what then is the fundamental foundation which dictates the attraction of money and wealth into one’s life. It has to come down to what you think and what your mindset is, what you believe, how could it be anything else.

In order to attract more money naturally, it can be as easy as learning to train your mind to attract money. You need to develop a dedicated trance in your mind, making your subconscious believe that you already have it in your possession.

Those who have become successful claim that by doing so, their lives have changed, transformed, have miraculously adapted to attract more riches. But to most, this sounds too skeptical, like rubbish, lunacy, a fallacy, but it remains the core reason by anyone who’s ever become wealthy, which is having the proper belief.

What appears common is that every self made millionaire all have adopted similar mindsets, and have agreed there are a set of rules which have brought them wealth, love, and fame.

Common Traits Of Attracting Money

A Foundation Of Strong Belief
They all proclaim that you should behave like you already own the money, that you’re already rich. You need to act this out and firmly believe that what you’ve ever wanted is already yours.

In this case, it’s money. So play it out in your mind and act as if you’re already in possession of this money. Then ask yourself, now that I’m rich, how do I feel, act, and do with it.


By behaving rich in your mind first, what you’re doing is training your subconscious mind which expands its limitation. Eventually, with practice, you begin creating a void in your mind with the things that you want in your life, and then the money will suddenly appear to fill this void.

Always Be Grateful
Be thankful for what you receive. To attract money, you need to show gratitude for the money that’s coming your way, and be thankful for what you already have in your possession.

So instead of complaining and whining about how little money you have, become grateful for the money that you currently own, by giving infinite thanks to the Universe.

The next time that you receive any form of money, instead of hardly acknowledging it, make sure that you take a few moments to give gratitude for this money that came into your life, regardless of its amount.

Every time that you earn money, stop and appreciate it, and believe that there’s more money that’s flowing your way. Once you become grateful this way, then more of it will naturally appear.

Look There’s A Penny On The Sidewalk
Make sure that you pick it up and cherish it. To attract money into your life, your subconscious mind, which is your strongest magnetic force, needs to accept the idea that there’s money flowing to you.

So open yourself up and be receptive to any form of money, this from any moral source. So if you see that shiny penny on the sidewalk, what most will do is just ignore it, but make sure that you stop and pick it up.

What you’re doing is telling, teaching, and training your subconscious mind that you’re willing to put out every effort to receive any and all forms of money.

Your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between a penny or a million dollars. All that it registers is how you felt receiving money, and that thought is stored, that you like and want to attract money.

This mindset also exists when you turn down a gift, or you sell something for too cheap, you offer your services for too little, or accept nothing for your time and effort.


If you’re wanting to attract money, what you need to do is accept any and all forms of money that’s rightfully yours, including that penny on the sidewalk.

Get Lucky By Attracting Money Making Opportunities
You may be wondering why is it that those who are rich always appear to have all those money making opportunities offered to them, and you have none. The answer is that you’re not looking out for them hard enough. Or once a genuine opportunity comes your way, you become too lazy or skeptical.

The difference between those who are rich and those who are not, is that the rich can immediately recognize a new opportunity that’s presented to them, and they’ll grasp it and take action.

So begin looking out for new opportunities, keep your eyes and mind open, and prepare yourself to pounce on the opportunity once it comes knocking. What you’re doing is using your powers of attraction.

It’s been said that luck is where opportunity meets preparation. So if you’re looking for money making opportunities in your life, prepared yourself, get ready, and then take advantage once they appear.

What doing so seemingly does is it attracts more “luck” since you’re ready and expecting it. If you remain skeptical, then you’ll never cross paths with any money making opportunities.

Do Something That You Like
Do things which makes you feel good. The reason being that whenever you feel good, what happens is that your energy and mood elevates, you feel optimistic, motivated, and become positive.

What these good vibe attitudes does is they attract more of the things that makes you feel better, such as more money and wealth.

So learn to adopt a different mindset, one that’s focused and dedicated towards attracting more money and wealth. Make sure that you ready yourself, and then act on them. Believe on a daily basis, and then more money will begin flowing your way.


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