How To Propel Your Life To Achieve Exponential Success

The life quest for most is to become as successful as possible in their pursuits. Did you know success can be defined as a mathematical process, this by manipulating numbers. In grade school, we were taught different calculations can be applied by using the same exact number.

For instance: 4 – 4 = 0, 4 + 4 = 8 or 4 X 4 = 16. 4 to the 4th power equals 256. What’s used is the same exact number, “4,” but the math doesn’t lie.

The same amount of effort is also required to calculate these numbers, but the final answer is a different result.

The point being the majority of people, are just satisfied with minor linear success in their lives.

There are others who prefer to multiply their success, as they have goals they’re wanting to accomplish.

The key, according to these mathematical formulas, is to demand the most you can from your life, by pursuing success exponentially.

The Will To Win

What you need is the desire to make the changes which will alter, and bring success and happiness to your life.

To learn how to maintain and sustain this desire which drives you to success.

This isn’t just simple addition, but more a lifetime of exponential success. It’s worth the additional effort.

Space shuttles when first propelled into orbit, massive fuel is expended to generate the momentum to get out of the earths atmosphere and into space. Then it expends less energy once in orbit.

This is similar with success, as first starting out takes the most mental effort, to reach that pinnacle where it feels exhilarating.

Once you reach and get past this point, the energy and the determination self propels itself.

Start With A Plan

Begin with a customized success plan based on your needs and talents, abilities, drive, personality, strengths, and weaknesses. You can’t begin by following or helping someone else.

What you already have are all the pieces you need, the pieces to bring you to the crest of your potential.

You are unique, so your success plan should be as well. No one really wants to live in mediocrity, not reaching their potential.

Everyone has an ego, so they don’t want to feel second best or under accomplished. Everyone wants to be the best at something.


To Go For It

If you want it so bad, then why don’t you have it. The desire is there, but there’s no sustained action to take you to the level of success you’re wanting to reach.

So what are you waiting for. What’s the trigger to make it happen. Success doesn’t get any easier, the longer you wait.

Are you waiting for something “bad” to happen which will change your attitude.

Are you hoping for a miracle, to win the lottery. If you don’t get started right now, nothing will happen.

Find What Works

You need to allow the natural process to take place, and do it for all the right reasons, based on your individual unique strengths and psychology.

You need to first find what works best for you that feels natural.

This natural process, doing something where you feel comfortable and excited, which internally motivates you to accomplish.

This is so you don’t need to strain or go out of your element to become what you want to become.

Having The Desire

You can do whatever you want, as far as your dreams will take you. Start by planting this want, know exactly what you’re going to harvest, weed out what you don’t want. Then water it, so it will grow.

You begin with desire and then start achieving the things you know you want. It’s this desire that’s the difference, when it comes to someone who’s average or a high achiever.

Know that what desire and complacency does is contradicts one another. You need to know that it’s complacency, your comfort zone, is why you’re not where you want to be.

Sure you can come up with excuses and justifications. But the fact remains you need to take inventory and take full responsibility for who and what you are, or want to become.

Self Success

When reaching for success, what you’ll stumble upon are a lot of “self,” such as self-esteem, self-image, self-discipline, etc.

What you need is to get out of your comfort zone, and instead into the exponential success zone, to reach your full potential. The need to push yourself beyond your capabilities.

Never cap what your abilities are to become successful, or you’ll never reach the best you can be in your life.

To be your personal best, you need to perform beyond your skills and limitations. The plan needs to be unfolded one piece at a time.

Once you’re ready to begin the success process, then the pieces will fall into place.

To Control Your Life

So gain control of your life to find the success that’s waiting for you. Decide to leave being comfortable. Know there will be setbacks, so just stick to the plan.

If you’re still not experiencing success after a while, then you haven’t found what makes you tick, or the courage to make change.

You might need more information to implement these new skills, to make lasting change in your life.

Finding That Edge

What you need is to find that winning edge which will propel you to the top, while doing the things you know you can accomplish.

Once you can align yourself to do all the right things, then you can start working on the success skills which can be the difference.

You can then gain that winning edge, the difference between those who are average and those who succeed.

Realize there are quick fixes, as they only work short-term. They will eventually wear off, and you’ll revert back to your comfort zone.