How Your Personality Is Defined By Your Favorite Color

Did you know that a person’s favorite color, can reveal what their personality type is. So once you find out what it is, and you know what the different colors mean, you’ll understand that person better, more than they understand themselves.

The personality of every person you come across including yourself, falls into the 4 primary colors: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.

These colors are known as the personality colors. What your particular favorite color might be, you will most likely inherit the traits of that color.

Every Person Has A Color Personality Type

Within that particular color type, we act in a certain way. Based on a color, there are certain things that are important to us. We like to talk in a certain way, we like and dislike certain things.

For example, lets say you are meeting a potential new prospect in person.

What if you knew how they liked to be addressed, know in advance what their temperament is like, or know the exact quirks of their personality.

Once you find out what their favorite color is, you’re able to do so.

What A Favorite Color Can Reveal

• Know if they are teachable
• Know if they are money motivated
• Know if they are a leader
• Know if they are creative
• Know if they need all the facts and figures…. etc.

What if you knew all this information and so much more about them, after talking to them (anyone) for only a few minutes.

You can instantly gain more information and insight about them, and they have no idea they’re doing so.

Do you think this would impact your business, and your personal life in a positive way?

Would you not agree, you’d have an unfair advantage over others?

The Four Primary Color Personalities

What’s provided is a brief overview of the four different personality colors.

It goes a lot more in-depth, but this will give you a good idea on the power of knowing color personalities.

Mellow Yellow
The color yellow, makes up approximately 35% of the population.

• This personality type are indirect with their feelings
• They are the best at using both sides of their brains
• They are relationship and family orientated, logical, analytical and teamwork is important to them
• Their voice is soft and gentle and will speak in relaxed tones


The “yellows” have jobs such as teachers, social workers, usually any type of nurturing job.

They like giving back to others. They don’t like pushy people, aggressiveness, sudden change or animal cruelty.

Some of their weaknesses include: They are over sensitive, they take things personally, they are somewhat gullible and will buy other peoples excuses.

Talk to a “yellow” person slowly and relaxed with empathy. Let them know they are appreciated.

The Blues

Blues make up 15% of the population.

• Blues are open and direct with their feelings
• They are right brain thinkers
• They tend to talk fast
• They are known to be creative
• They need to have fun when doing things
• They are strong on family and relationships, spontaneous and enthusiastic

Blues have jobs in sales (of any kind). They can be singer songwriters, or anything that is creative.

They enjoy the good life by having plenty of fun, they don’t dwell on facts and figures, or like to being sold to.

Their weaknesses include they are unorganized, can be scattered and are poor savers.

When you talk to a “blue,” focus on fun, talk about excitement. Never try to hard sell a blue.

The Greens

Green being a favorite color makes up approximately 35% of the population.

• Greens are indirect and self-contained with their feelings
• Most are right brain thinkers
• They are extremely logical, and analytical
• They think precisely, needing all the facts and figures
• They are penny pinchers
• They are organized, task orientated and accurate
• They’re excellent negotiators

Some of their jobs include: engineers, accountants, professors. Anything to do with logic and reasoning.

They don’t like pushy people. Not having all the facts and figures. Not being on time, or enjoy those who are aggressive.

They can get depressed easily at times, and are hard to please.

Some of their weaknesses include: They over analyze everything (to nausea). They’re hard to please and pessimistic about most things.

When speaking to a “green” personality, give them the facts and figures. You cannot overload a green with information.

The Reds

The reds make up around 15% of the population.

• Reds are direct and self-contained with their feelings
• Reds are right and left brained thinkers
• Their slogan can be “It’s my way or the highway”
• They can be forceful, stern and to the point
• They don’t enjoy chitchat
• Money is power and everything to them
• They are action takers and task orientated
• They can be Impatient, unteachable, it’s “show me the money”

Most “reds” become CEO’s, attorneys, military leaders, and the president of a bank.

Reds do not like losing control, indecision, small talk or crying. They don’t enjoy talking about time, freedom, family or vacations.

Some of their weaknesses include: They can have a big ego, they can be domineering and rude, and are generally unteachable.

When you talk to a red, you need to make them think you need them.

They like to be convinced and being sold to, so close them.

Focus on money and how much they can make, while stroking their ego. Talk about how great a leader they are, and how much money they make.

So What’s Your Favorite Color

These different color personalities are not considered to be judgmental, it’s who and how people are.

Just imagine if you had this information the next time you talked to a prospect?

How do you think your next call would go?

Learn this skill so the next time you’re talking to someone, and they say something in a certain tone, or react in a certain way, you’ll know exactly why they’re acting that way.

You can then direct your questions based on their attitude.

Instead of taking things personally or getting frustrated, you can say to yourself “Hey, you’re reacting that way, because you’re a green” (or pick another color).

Once you master this skill, your business and personal life will improve.

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