How Your Personality Is Defined By Your Favorite Color

Did you know that a person’s favorite color, can reveal what their personality type is. So once you find out what it is, and you know what the different colors mean, you’ll understand that person better, more than they understand themselves.

The personality of every person you come across including yourself, falls into the 4 primary colors: Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.

These colors are known as the personality colors. What your particular favorite color might be, you will most likely inherit the traits of that color.

Every Person Has

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How You React When First Meeting Someone Reveals Your Personality

We all get butterflies in the pit of our stomach, feel a bit queasy, get a bit nervous when meeting someone new for the first time. This could be a business meeting, social event, or a romantic date. When we get anxious, our subconscious mind takes over, which reveals what our true personality is.

From the moment, the instance that two people meet, what we’ll do is instinctively analyze each other, size each other up, this before a word is ever spoken. What we’ll do is look for visual signs, …

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Know If You Have A Sixth Sense And Learn How To Activate It

know whats genuine or notThere are certain things that you know, this without learning or hearing about it, that you just know. You also know this information, this without knowing how or why. This knowledge you sense is inherent, something that you know without needing anyone to tell you.

The most common test for this is looking a two pictures of two different people laughing. You can instantly detect, this without knowing the reason why, that one laugh is genuine, while the other is a pose, just laughing on cue, much like a model …

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How The First 5 Minutes Instantly Reveals Your Personality

first five minutes meeting someoneSo there you are, you’re nervous as heck, as if you’ve never done this before, you’re meeting someone for the first time. Whether it be a romantic date or a business meeting, your initial reaction, usually subconsciously, reveals what your true personality is.

From the exact moment that two people meet, what they do is immediately and instinctively size each other up, this before a word is ever spoken. What we do is look for signs, clues, for qualities such as intelligence, honesty, altruism, or how aloof they appear.

This …

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A Guideline On Reading People What To Look For When Gawking

watching how others actWe spend inordinate amounts of time waiting in line, fiddling our thumbs sipping coffee, bored while waiting at the dentists office. During these times we watch others, as there are limited options on what we can do, so we inspect the actions of people.

Invariably, what we do is study their exact movements, nuances, this to pass the time. What we do is judge those who are in our space, our field of vision. We instantly decide whether they’re smarter or dumber than us, better dressers, or if they’re more …

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