Is The Secret To A Successful Life: Desire Duty Or Dereliction


What you never know is the direction that an individual will take in their life. Those who shows early promise can go astray. Those who appears to be lost, disadvantaged, can find prosperity later in life. People go through this thing called life, and just a handful become successful, the majority just gets by.

It begins with determining your level of actual involvement that you want in your life, which structures your level of success that you’ll realize. It begins with the 3 D’s which are desire, duty, or dereliction.

What following the path that is desire, is doing what the individual chooses to do with their life. Looking from a viewpoint of health, wealth, and happiness, someone who follows their desires, is only fueled by one thing and one thing only, and that’s their own motivation.

A life that’s dedicated to duty is one where their personal desires are kept in mind, but the primary focus of intent is always to help others, before themselves.

This could be total dedication to their kids or family. If they have a high work ethic, the individual who’s motivated by duty, will always have plenty of things to focus on.

The definition of dereliction is someone who doesn’t care much about anything. They’re not necessarily “evil,” as that’s what most would consider the meaning of this term to be, but it’s someone who’s just not concerned about much.

This includes not caring what happens with their life, not caring about the needs of others, or the world, they just don’t care. This individual pretty much just floats through life, this without giving a damn, having no real sense of duty or desire.

Profile Your Personality Type
So the question becomes, which of these personality types has the most likely chance to succeed. Each will achieve success in their chosen path, this because they’re doing exactly what they think they’re supposed to do, so they attract and live that type of lifestyle.

The person who’s completely driven by their own desires, while refusing to do anything else that doesn’t match that direction, won’t be found engaging in any other activity, that’s not centered around whatever it is that they’re wanting to be doing at that moment.

The duty bound individual will continue to find new ways to serve their duty. When one of their commitments is handled, they’ll just attract or create a new commitment for themselves, usually without realizing that they’re doing so.

The polar opposite of duty is dereliction, as their entire focus is not focusing on anything. By not having any real direction in their life, and by not caring much one way or the other about what happens with anyone, this person continues to manifest that lifestyle.

Their life circumstances requires them to have as little input, or little responsibility as possible. The best profile for this type of individual, are teenagers or young adults.

So Who’s The Most Successful
What some will do is define happiness as being “successful.” Since all three profiles are happy with themselves, their life, each then should be considered as a success.

What they all do, is attract into their lives people along with circumstances which allows them to continue to be happy, this by being the exact type of person that they’re choosing to be.

The key when it comes to determining which of them will be the most successful, doesn’t rely on the standard markers.

Some define success as career satisfaction, financial success, successful personal life, etc., this because these methods of measuring success, only matters to the individual who cares about these methods of measurements.


Definition Of Success
A “starving artist” doesn’t care that much about financial success, at least not initially. Your average artist or musician, would most likely do what they do for free, this as long as they have a roof over their head, and enough food and resources to survive.

A mother who’s focused on her family, will gladly give up her time or financial resources, this at times to the point of placing her own health, wealth, or sanity on the line. She’ll continue to honor the belief of her commitment to her kids, regardless of the consequences.

A derelict person who doesn’t give a damn one way or the other, will be happy to just float through their life without having a financial plan, or have family or friendship commitments, and that’s perfectly okay with them.

They don’t know or care what their own life has in store for them. Even if they choose that lifestyle for themselves, doesn’t make them wrong.

Live Your Own Life
The answer is, that none of these individuals are either right or wrong. They’re only seen in a positive or negative light, this by the person who’s observing them, then judging them. They’re being assessed by the observing person’s own belief system.

The concept of “right” or “wrong” doesn’t really exist. The only thing that exists is the belief systems of individuals, and it’s neither appropriate or it’s in the power of those who judges them, this based on what they believe is true.

Based on the definition of “success,” each of these individuals are 100% successful, this because they’re doing exactly what they’re wanting to do with their lives.

In fact, failure itself doesn’t really exist, as it’s just another example of an individuals beliefs regarding what’s good or what’s bad.

What desire, duty, and dereliction brings is success to the individuals who’s living their lives from that viewpoint. This not because their point of view is right or wrong, but because that’s what that person chooses to do, and there’s no greater happiness than that.