Top 9 Ways To Go Green And Become Environmentally Friendly

What most feel is the obligation to go green and become friendly with the environment, and doing so begins from home. What the modern age affords is doing things as fast and easy as possible, where the protocol should be going back to the “grassroots” way of living. Right now is the time and place to start, this as the summer winds down, and there’s need to prepare for the winter, or the rainy season. Better home efficiency along with conservation should be the important considerations, this prior to winter. So choose to learn how to go green around the home first, this for yourself and the environment.

9. Do Manual Yard Work

Cleaning up the yard is a daunting task this time of year, so you need to stay on top of it. Begin by not using electric or gas powered tools such as blowers, lawn mowers, and instead use the traditional manual tools. Use push mowers and garden sheers instead. What using less electricity, or creating less pollution, means lower emissions from the energy companies resulting in cost savings, while also keeping the air clean.

8. Hold A Garage Sale

Once the season begins to change, so does the need for new furnishings along with wardrobes. So before going out to buy something new for the house, or buying new outfits, hold a neighborhood garage sale beforehand, this to get rid of the excess stuff. It’s an excellent way of getting to know your neighbors better, while generating a bit of cash to buy the new things you want. It could become an annual social event to kick off the fall season.

7. Wash All Your Windows

What washing windows may appear to be is a spring cleaning chore, this to scrub away all the dirt and grime of the winter months, but it’s also a necessary step for the fall as well. What cleaning windows until they’re sparkling, does is allows more sunlight to filter into the house more easily. It’s the refreshing rays during a brilliant sunny but cold winter day, is what naturally heats up a room while improving mood.