10 Ways How You Can Age Well And Look Younger Than You Are

The majority just surrender to the ravages of time. The vices they’ve adopted, the foods they eat, all contributes to they aging prematurely. They continue to do so until it becomes too late, as the aging then becomes irreversible.

Then there are those who age well. What they’ve discovered is they can at times, at least slow down the aging process of the skin and body, this by adopting dedicated healthy habits. These habits are as vital as aging with grace and attitude.

Apart from genetics, the cellular process which causes aging, is affected by lifestyle, exercise, diet, stress, the usual culprits.

10. Always Be Positive

It’s your choice to be positive or remain negative towards life, this to remain emotionally and physically healthy which deflects the aging process. We’re all faced with hardship in life, so it comes down to your attitude on how your expect the outcome to turn out, which allows you to handle these challenges more successfully.

What’s known is that seniors who view their age just as a number, and refuses to feel old because of it, are more likely to recover from a disability or illness, compared to those who feel old, helpless, and useless. Those who dwell on the negative does is cause stress along with other painful emotions. Since the effort is the same to keep a positive mental attitude towards life, doing so will keep you younger.

9. Have Several Hobbies

What having a few hobbies does is occupies your time while doing what you love, which extends the aging process. What’s found is that it’s participating in hobbies is what lowers mortality rates, while increasing health in the elderly.

Gardening for instance, is a popular hobby which brings immediate happiness in your life. What just going outdoors and being in nature does is offers instant enjoyable experiences, which soothes the mind and soul, while contributing better physical health.

8. Remain Socially Active

What having an active social life does is promotes a healthier longer life. Those who has social ties on a daily basis, has shown a 50% percent greater chance of living longer, than those who prefer to be alone. What’s known is there are several factors which enhances successful aging.

They include social support, daily exercise, calorie restriction, management of stress, and cognitive stimulation. So take the time out of your busy day to spend some leisure time with your friends and family. Spend time with all age groups, this by being actively involved in the local community.