The Course To Heal The Pain Of Your Inherent Suffering

The path needed to begin healing yourself, comes down to a personal choice you truly want. A road where you choose to start piecing yourself together, collecting the scattered fragments to make yourself ”whole” again. To decide it’s within you to draw out this inner strength to heal.

No one else can do it for you. It’s your choice to explore and draw upon your inner will, that you want to restore yourself.

Some wounds are embedded so deeply, there’s no amount of external help or extended care capable of curing, much less heal, unless you’re willing.

A surgeon can perform precise open heart surgery, but cannot order the wound to heal.

Ultimately, it’s through your effort of fortitude the healing can resume.

The path to healing becomes a strict protocol, by segmenting everything together to make it whole again.

During this process, what it paves is the way towards self-discovery, opening the door towards inner sanction.

Healing Childhood Trauma

There first needs to be an encounter with the child within, which has longed for your self-love.

This child which has been long forgotten, pushed into the background of your subconscious, is patiently waiting for you.

The imprint that a fragmented childhood experience leaves, is an extremely powerful scar.

An expectant mother who goes through the mental and physical stress during pregnancy, shares and transfers the burden to the unborn child.

Not long ago, domestic issues were hardly discussed openly. Matters such as abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, only existed behind the doors of a closed household.

Society today is more open and aware, to the actual existence of these human violations.

What’s tragic is the innermost and sacred shrine that society relies upon, can at times be the most vulnerable.

These are the issues which damages the young victims, growing up with emotional scars, carrying it with them like an anchor as adults.

Some will never overcome this trauma, as it subconsciously haunts them for life. Only the strong dares to confront these demons.


When Love Becomes A Venom

How many hearts have been sacrificed in the name of love. It seeps in all walks of life, regardless of social status, race, or creed.

No one wants to suffer the pain, but it’s unavoidable. Healing a broken heart, rebuilding broken hopes and dreams, the suffering and the betrayal.

The most traumatic is when the violation comes from those who are assigned to provide a nurturing loving environment, those entrusted in their care. This all in the guise of love.

The Healing Of Grief

Losing a loved one to the hands of fate can be most devastating. Often, we’re not granted the comfort of bidding our last farewell, as life is strict that way.

It’s too sudden without warning, as the daggers of fate alters your life forever.

Once the relief of the suffering is over, comes the grief, a stepping stone of progression which becomes a reality.

The Healing Of Guilt

Wrong choices, wrong decisions, we all make them. This is a human condition even the most saintly can’t escape.

We stumble and we fall, then manage to get up and get on with our lives.

The losses incurred at times can be devastating emotionally and financially, relationships can be severed, the damage innocently and unconsciously sacrificed.

Wearing and feeling guilt takes a toll on our hearts, invites negative vibrations as it bites deep into the mire. Take a look into those sad eyes, the windows of the soul, and then you’ll know.

Unfulfilled Hopes And Dreams

Your full potential is a handshake away, yet it slips into the abyss. You live your dreams by riding on the wings of hope, but things rarely work out as planned.

One day, you wake up realizing your dreams never materialized and then you languish.

All those wasted years attempting to pursue that dream passes you by, discovering all this hope leads to your downfall.

The Path Leading To Healing

The healing process is a complex phenomenon, since the pain and the suffering needs to be experienced first. Be it mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or material.

The worst being we hurt the ones we love the most.

God bless there are avenues which are open to healing.

One may choose to spend a lifetime seeking eternal help, or forever seek comfort from remedy, but ultimately the healing has to start from within.

To Heal Oneself From Within

It becomes important to acknowledge the pain first, to recognize what the core cause of it is.

This to integrate the fragmented pieces, while having the willpower to elevate to higher ground, to become whole again.

Healing extends far beyond the physical state, as they’re just surface wounds, especially when one stings so emotionally. What the spirit and the soul needs, is to burden the pain.

It’s a pain which strikes hauntingly in the still of the night. It can fill a once loving heart with the toxic grief of a life gone astray.

It could ravage a healthy mind, body, and soul, disturbing it beneath a once beautiful and graceful spirit. This is the mask of vengeance.

Roadblocks To Healing

The path to healing isn’t a seamless process, as it’s riddled with potholes and blockages.

This in the form of impediments such as apathy, denial, self-indulgence, self-absorption, which creates barriers.

We then end up hurting ourselves and the one’s closest to us, and likewise, we often bear the pain others weave our way.

We need to acknowledge our willingness to heal, to understand what needs to be healed, then accept the consequences.

This self reclamation project of self healing needs to begin voluntarily. It will then automatically activate itself, once it’s decided you’re ready to help yourself and your life.

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