The Soulmates Among Us Do They Exist Or Are They Just Fantasy

not so perfectIs there a chemical spark, a connection that some will feel. The matching of two souls crossing paths in life which connects on a cellular level of bliss. Do these fairy tales exist, stories of exhilarating enchanting true love, or do they end up in tragedy.

From an early age, most have gone through countless relationships, one night love affairs and crushes on a schoolmate. Falling in and out of love, usually being disappointed, ultimately believing that love sucks, doesn’t exist. Finding a soulmate becomes a rumor.

Most generalize a soulmate as someone who thinks similar to them, and will stick with them forever through thick and thin, without judgement, their hearts and brains ticking on the same time clock.

There are certain misconceptions when it comes to soulmates, usually because of wishful thinking and idealism.

Soulmates Are Best Friends
What they usually become are your best friends first, this before getting romantic, and then becoming sexual partners.

These deep connections can also exist with family members or friends, which are referred to as soul friends. Soulmates understand you, often better than you understand yourself, so they can empathize with you.

Soulmates Are Mirror Reflections
What they know are your strengths, dreams, insecurities, and flaws, this to help you along as well as helping themselves to grow to their fullest potential.


You can rely on them to be completely level and honest with you, to the point of attacking your most sensitive feelings, only because they care about your welfare that much.

Soulmates Become Your Spiritual Catalysts
Although soulmates may not be able to complete you, what they do is push you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

The reason why they’re not willing to complete you, is because it’s you’re human obligation to fulfill your own potential, your responsibility to maximize yourself.

Soulmates Teach You
What soulmates will teach you are directly intentional, but are more often life lessons and experiences which are mutually shared.

Since they completely understand you at your core level, soulmates become powerful confidants you can trust, helping you through tough times, while inspiring you to do your best.

Soulmates Make Instant Connections
This from the very first instance you met. You gaze into each others eyes, and you know you’ve spent numerous past lives with each other.

There’s an instant connection, as something between you just clicks, as though you’ve been best friends and known each other forever, getting deja-vu flashbacks.

Soulmates Vibrate On The Same Frequency
What you both give off is the same equal vibration, as all that’s needed is just a glance to understand what the other is thinking. Even a photo can do this.

This goes beyond saying that your soulmate not only shares all your likes, tastes, dreams, and pursuits, but also shares all your deeper life values and beliefs. You both understand each other on a molecular DNA level.

Soulmates Offer Unconditional Love
You both love each other unconditionally without judgement, always supporting whatever each other does, whatever action is taken, while understanding completely.


Although it’s not always possible to be together at all times, there are never feelings of suspicion or a lack of trust. Despite how you both behave, the love can never become divided.

Soulmates are rarely perfect, as they may have annoying flaws, strange quirks and habits, but that’s just surface dust as their core beauty shines deeply through.

Soulmates Can Be Difficult To Identify
Quite often, when first meeting each other, the spark might now always be there, the love at first glance may be vacant.

Usually on first sight, that instant spontaneous chemistry doesn’t ignite, remaining blind to discovering each other. Soulmates will often appear in various disguises, or are currently locked with someone else.

Soulmates At Times Don’t Stay Together
Soulmates may not remain with each other forever, which isn’t always that bad. We like to believe that they’ll be there until our lives expire, forever, usually because it’s a secure sentimental thought. But life at times has different plans in store.

Life happens, people move on, people pass away. At times soulmates will just be there for the season, but for the fortunate, are there for a lifetime. Regardless, enjoy the moments.

So Where’s Your Soulmate
You may or may not have found your soulmate yet, or maybe you don’t have the capacity to find one in this lifetime. You know your exact state of time travel in your life, and maybe this journey this time, you’re destined to live it alone.

At times, life will make you wait for reasons you can’t comprehend, but are for reasons which are for your own good. On the other hand, you may not feel you have the room to share your life at the moment.

Maybe it’s meant for your soul to mature through the process, this by cultivating self-love this time around. That you would rather look internally in your life instead of externally.

They May Be Right There
Some will journey through life not realizing the possibility that they’ve already met their soulmate. They live their lives haphazardly, not realizing they’re just overlooking “The One.”

What they continuously do is chase the divas, the unrealistic ideals of what their true soulmate should be, blinded by the devil of someone they could never get.

So realize whether your soulmate may already be in your life right now, waiting for you to come to your senses.

Life is an unpredictable journey that we ultimately travel alone. We think that to become a functional human, we need to find a soulmate, start a family, earn a living, and then die happy. Fate hardly works out as planned.

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