Does The Aging Process As We Grow Older Blunt Our Livelihood

Does the battered brain as the aging process sets in, start to affect the speed that we’re able to process information, this sooner for some that later. There’s a reason why older people think and react slower than those young kids out there. It begins in the central nervous system of the brain.

This is the area where the mechanical process, of translating sensory input into a response occurs. Peripheral changes also occur. The sensory and motor nerves starts to wear out, and begins to slow down with age. Alterations in the storage along with the retrieval of information, begins to delay and worsen as time passes.

Once a new event that’s never occurred to an older persons life happens, the response is slower, but comprehended in more detail than someone who’s younger.

The ability to learn new things continues throughout our lives, which is strongly dictated by our interests, motivation, and activity. The learning process however takes longer, while requiring more effort to decipher it.

Do We Lose Intelligence Growing Older
Generally, a group of older people will usually do worse on standardized intelligence tests than younger people will. But when it comes to the “individual” itself, regardless if they’re older or not, there’s minimal decline.

The tests involving verbal skills along with comprehension, information retention and vocabulary, all remained similar. But physical dexterity tests, such as the time it takes to copy a complex diagram, appears to decline for those older.

What’s known is that these traditional intelligence tests aren’t favored or appropriate, when measuring intellectual functioning once older. The reason for this is because the speed it takes to respond, is given too much importance, which places the older person at a disadvantage.


One of the traits of growing older, is that there’s more emphasis placed on being accurate and detail orientated, and not making mistakes. Those who are younger are more prone to make errors of judgment.

Are Older People More Creative Or Productive
There’s no reason to think that creative intellectual accomplishment will decline when growing older, as there are a variety of remarkable monumental achievements, which are inspired by older minds. Call it experience.

Creativity is thought to deepen and intensify when growing older, this as wisdom along with sensibility can help in the overall process of developing something new. The results are usually more intense, accurate, and better thought out.

They’re more characterized by a reduction in essential form, while there’s far improved quality of transcendence. What’s revealed are the essence of their lifelong experiences, which offers expression towards ultimate spiritual reality.

There are plenty of examples where these creative energies refuse to become blocked, this in their journey towards expression. The process of self-actualization which drives this creativity, does is depends on overcoming barriers, this by accepting certain limitations.

Does Conscious Evolution Develop With Age
We evolving our consciousness towards becoming better humans as we age, isn’t guaranteed. It’s not an automatic progression, and it doesn’t occur mechanically, as there are stages of our conscious development, that some may never reach in their lifetime.

As children, we’re taught to obey, to be disciplined and obedient. This because kids are solely dependent on others, this until maturity and full functionality as full fledged adults sets in. With maturity, we transcend this, as we live with self-responsible authority.

Once we begin to grow older as adults, we need to yield much of the independence and knowledge that we’ve gained in our life.


What we do is stop thinking just for ourselves, the “me” first mentality, along with our self-preservation, as we begin to sacrifice the needs along with the fears that we have of our bodies, which spiritually engulfs it.

To Grasp Getting Older
Our heart moves forward and awakens from self-interest in ourselves, to more awareness and care for humanity.

What we accumulate are decades of rich experiences, as there comes a time for reflection. How we can transcend our circumstances, to become wiser while giving more.

It’s knowing how to function optimally within our limitations, once we mature to realize and accept it. It’s our ability, our human development, so we can see the truth, this in the light of the moment. We can understand the reality behind what things appear to be.

As we age and grow older, what we need is to make a choice, to transform. To identify, to align and merge with our physical self and body, and accumulate all of the memories and experiences that we’ve gathered, which eventually and gradually begins to decline and fade away.

Are we willing to identify with the consciousness that’s carried within our body. What needs to be known is, are you the bulb which carries the light, or are you the light where the bulb is only the vehicle.

Remaining Positive Once Growing Older
Older adults who has a negative attitude towards themselves, becomes bitter about the aging process, displays slower thinking and physical responses, such as walking speed.

Cognitive abilities declines quicker, than compared to those happy seniors, who chooses to have a more positive attitude and outlook for themselves, and the aging process.

This remains true, even after the negative minded individuals medication, circumstances, or their life happenstance improves. When their health challenges began to reform, their poor attitude remained the same.

What’s known is that having negative attitudes towards aging, appears to influence and accelerate a variety of chronic health conditions.

What frail negative older individuals exposes themselves to, are multiple medical issues which their more positive outlook counterparts, appear to avoid.

This also includes cognitive decline, as those who constantly thinks the worst will happen to them, invariably becomes true, which only accelerates their ultimate demise.