The Top 10 Traits All Successful Leaders Possess

What being a leader does, is propels you forward in this ever globalizing competitive world we live in. This will help you land that ideal job, to start your own business, or find that loving relationship.

What’s been established when it comes to successful leadership, is there are certain defined traits they all have in common.

All of the concepts are easy to adopt and simple in nature to apply. Most of these leadership traits can be considered common sense, yet many of us will lose our focus.

So to become more successful, to be considered a leader, what it requires is knowing what these traits are, and then mindfully taking action.

10. Enthusiasm And Passion

What passionate leaders will do is spread their enthusiasm to others, showing their love for life. They show they’re risk takers, they seek out bold new adventures, while having a sense of urgency doing so.

Everyday, they display their sense of purpose by showing they’re motivated and determined to excel, as they constantly reinvent themselves.

Leaders remain eternally optimistic, which becomes infectiousness. They’re firm in their decision making, they rebound and recharge quickly, as everyone jumps on board on their platform.

9. Shining Brilliant Charisma

What true leaders possess is an element of surprise, which keeps their audience captivated, and the public excited.

What they display is an “xfactor,” a dominant presence, an influence over their employees, coworkers and customers. They shine because of their blunt honesty at all times in any situation.

The room goes quiet once they walk in, as they always have something important to say. They’re lovable and feared at the same time.

8. Glowing Self Confidence

Things rarely go as planned, this in life and in business. The key is to not panic, and act like you’ve been there done that before.

Part of the profile of being a leader, is to put out fires while remaining calm and maintaining team morale. The message being… This too will pass.

Leaders keep their self confidence and self esteem high, as setbacks and failure are natural and expected. They remain level headed by focusing on the bigger picture instead.

7. Versatile Adaptability

What the rapid ever changing technology landscape has created, is a quickly moving evolving economy and marketplace.

What the current dominant leaders need is to be flexible and open in managing these challenges and changing opportunities, and take control of them. To be nimble enough to pivot at a moments notice.

Stubbornness and narcissism is “old school” thinking and is no longer effective. Being humble and willing to adapt is a sign of a great leader.


6. Always Be Honest

Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, once you’re responsible for a group of people, it becomes imperative you raise the bar as high as possible, and be authentic, genuine and honest.

Your business along with your employees are a reflection of you, and how real you come across. So make sure you’re as honest and ethical as possible, and others will follow.

5. Be A Team Player

Regardless of where you work or how small your business is, what you do is interact with others on a daily basis.

Allowing others to shine, encouraging them to be innovative, practicing humility, while agreeing with their demands without ego, will help you become a better brighter leader and more likeable.

What you need is to set a culture of success, one that includes out-of-the-box thinking and reward them for it. And it’s up to you to lead the charge.

4. Mindful Empowerment

Project leaders are constantly thinking of strategies as a learning experience, while inviting others into the decision making process, protocol and procedures.

To empower others, what leaders will do is influence the positive side of their emotional energy. These leaders are clear about their goals, while developing the people around them.

The end result being tremendous energy will be released back into the organization, which allows the leader and the employees to achieve. This process is known as human capital development.

3. Always Remain Authentic

Great leaders know themselves and will always express who they are, while having integrity beyond compare.

Remaining vulnerable while showing humility are hallmarks of a true leader, which creates a positive demanding energy.

This is when the employees, customers, and the media gets on their side and wants to help them succeed.

Successful leaders are completely genuine and transparent about who they are, both online and in person, merging their personal and professional life together.

2. Great Storytelling Ability

What’s important for leaders is the ability to tell great captivating stories, this to market themselves, their product, to effectively communicate their ideas successfully.

Telling great stories is what captivates people, which drives them to become motivated and take action.

Whether you’re telling an awe inspiring tale to a new prospect over lunch, or explaining your plan to a boardroom full of people or webinar, what telling great stories does is wins followers and customers.

1. Learn To Listen

Listening then reacting is the foundation of any good relationship. Great leaders constantly listen to what their employees, customers, and prospects are saying, even though at times it may not appear they are.

True leaders aim to please, and the only way they know how to fill in the gaps is to listen to what others have to say. It could be criticism or feedback.

What being open to these new ideas does is makes them more likable, charismatic, and trustworthy.

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