Know The Top 10 Traits That All Successful Leaders Possess

What being a leader does, is propels you forward in this ever globalizing competitive world which will help you land that ideal job, to start your own business, or find that ideal relationship. What’s been established when it comes to successful leaders, is that there are certain traits that they all have in common.

All of the concepts are easy to learn and simple in nature to apply. Most of them can be considered common sense, yet many of us will lose our focus. So to become more successful, to be considered a leader, what it requires is knowing what these traits are, and then mindfully taking action.

10. Enthusiasm And Passion

What passionate leaders do is spread their enthusiasm to others, showing their love for life, taking risks, trying new adventures, having a sense of urgency, being motivated and determined while constantly reinventing oneself.

Passionate people are always optimistic, which is infectiousness. They’re firm in their decision making, they rebound and recharge quickly, while everyone jumps on board on their platform.

9. Shining Brilliant Charisma

What true leaders have is an element of surprise, which keeps their audience captivated, and the public excited. What they have is an “xfactor,” a dominant presence, an influence over their employees, coworkers and customers.

They shine because of their blunt honesty at all times in any situation. The room goes quiet once they walk in, as they always have something important to say. They’re likable and feared at the same time.

8. Glowing Self Confidence

Things rarely go as planned, this in life and in business. The key is to not panic, and act like you’ve been there done that before. Part of your job to portray yourself as a leader, is to put out fires while remaining calm and maintaining the team morale.


Keep your self confidence and self esteem high, as setbacks are natural and expected. Stay level headed by focusing on the bigger goals instead.


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