Perpetual Investment One Of Australia’s Top Investment Services

Perpetual investment services australiaPerpetual Investment Management Group is one of Australia’s largest and most established investment services and trustee groups, displaying a strong pattern of growth funds for their large client base.

Established under the umbrella of the Perpetual Trustees Group, which was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1886, they offer guidance, fund growth and wealth protection through every and any adverse financial situation as well as diverse market conditions.

Perpetual Limited offers a broad variety of financial services and advice along with providing trustee services and administrative functions for a variety of trusts including: charitable trusts, private trusts, philanthropic trusts, estates and compensation settlements.

Perpetual also offers an increasing range of retirement, superannuation and investment type of investment vehicles. This based on a compilation of established and experienced investment teams which are involved in Australia’s best investment opportunities which are scattered across a large range of asset classes.

The Investment Expertise Provided By Perpetual
Perpetual’s investment portfolio includes all major asset classes. They actively invest in Australian as well as global shares, fixed and property income in a calculated and disciplined manner, this based on their long established investment principles and policies.

The investment team as well as their advisers consistently make prudent and active investment decisions that’s based on their own in-house analysis focused on individual asset quality, risk, value and potential return.

Perpetual, when it comes to the investment of stocks, will investigate and focus on quality sustainable businesses and industry sectors with potential and proof of strong earnings and statements showing resilience through any economic cycle.


Their fixed income investments focuses on providing regular income, liquidity if required, as well as capital stability. Their investment team is one of the most trusted for sustainability, providing proof of experience within the financial industry. They’ve established themselves through recognition from a variety of industry awards including; “The Best Fund Manager in 2011,” by Money Magazine.

Perpetual Privately Owned
Perpetual Investment Management is privately owned. This investment management firm provides its financial services to institutional as well as retail clients. Their services include the management of mutual funds for their clients as well.

Perpetual will also invest in public equity as well as fixed income markets which are spread in a variety of proven markets from around the world, with focus set locally in Australia.

They actively benchmark their investment portfolio performance of their investments against the S&P/ASX300 Accumulation Index. They do so by conducting their own research to make their investment decisions.

Perpetual Investment Management Social Stance
The Perpetual Group has established a socially responsible stand in their “Australian Socially Responsible Shares,” which points towards establishing an ethical investing strategy. This focuses on strong sustainable environmental as well as social governance principles that’s integrated in the investment process.

Perpetual has established a firm belief in social awareness investment policies with research that’s developed in this area requiring a specialized social awareness approach.

Perpetual Firmly Established
Perpetual has successfully established themselves as one of Australia’s most experienced investment and trustee groups. They consistently display a firm yet enduring passion towards protecting, preserving and growing wealth for their client base.

The Perpetual Group was founded in Australia over 125 years ago as Perpetual Trustees. Perpetual has now been able to assist generations of Australians by helping them invest as well as manage and grow their wealth through various market conditions. Today, they are listed as one of the Top 100 companies on Australia’s Securities Exchange Commission.

They now currently manage investment funds exceeding $25 billion, while administering over $200 billion of client funds.

Trust Services Provided By Perpetual
Perpetual also assists in establishing as well as managing various trusts by administering structure as well as protection which are capable of growing assets. This initiative has helped Australians with various trustee services for over a century, thus understanding the nuances of the various types of trusts which are needed and are available.


Trusts can be established for the protection and providing of family members. These trusts can be established and be used during your living years or be part of a will. These trusts can also be used as an effective tax strategy or for asset protection purposes.

Perpetual is also one of the largest managers of charitable funds as they currently manage as well as distribute funds for over 450+ charitable trusts.

Perpetual acts as a trustee, providing financial management and administrator services, along with the disbursement and the distribution of income from an existing trust to all the beneficiaries.

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