Growing A Sustainable Online Business For Retailers To Increase Sales

increase your ecommerce salesIn a world of constant change and distraction that we live in, finding the proper formula to attract and then retaining those online consumers long enough for them to make a purchase, or providing enough stickability, so they’ll return back to their e-commerce sites is one of the biggest challenges for online retailers.

Distraction could come in a variety of different ways. The first and foremost being that chronic and well known “short attention span,” which translates directly to poor retention ratios of online surfers.

There’s also a multitude of other external circumstances which can easily steer your potential buyer to go elsewhere. Merchants on the Web also need to prepare and arm themselves better when competing with their competition who are selling the same or similar products.

One of the biggest battles is attempting to keep these potential customers glued to their computer chair long enough to get their message across. This is one of the primary reasons for lost or non-existent sales as the various distractions increase.

So what’s required is a better thought out plan to stay ahead of the curve. A workable strategy to keep the customers focus on their online sites by encouraging as well as somehow enticing them to continue making purchases and engaging in their online entities. So presented are some tips on how you can do so.

Concentrate More On Going Social As Well As Local
Consumers are continuously checking and using their various social media feeds for feedback while they’re out and about. So it becomes vitally important to utilize the services of what social networking has to offer.

You should be taking the subtle approach on these sites by not constantly promoting or selling your brand, business or products, but rather to explain the benefits for those reading why shopping at your site or your “brick-and-mortar” store is a good idea.


For instance, use and refer to established review sites such as Yelp or Foursquare to promote your site as well as offering specials for your local customers, or use Twitter and Facebook to create additional customer loyalty by interacting and engaging with them.

Make sure that you use easy methods such as making and then hosting videos on YouTube to provide your customers with product or service tutorials, or use Pinterest to feature images of your newest products or trends.

Offer More Events And Promotions
Begin a new tradition by offering massive “Black Friday” type of sales centered around every major holiday throughout the year. Although the warmer months for instance may be reserved for fun, sun and vacations, you as a savvy retailer can distract these consumers by creating these sales events around major calender landmarks such as: Easter, Mother or Father’s Day, Labor Day etc.

Smart online merchants are forever inventing new and unique ways to create hype by manufacturing their own events frenzy to promoting their business and products. For example, how about creating a “Half Way To Christmas Sale” or a “rainy day” or a “worship the sun day” sale, which are always exciting.

Create themes for your products and events by offering discounts or coupons for those customers who happens to purchase over a certain amount, such as more than $50 dollars for instance will receive a free bottle of vitamin water for example.

Developing An Effective Email Strategy
The majority of consumers will check their text and their e-mail message when they’re out shopping, at work or at the beach by using their smartphones. So it’s important that you format your emails to be mobile-ready, which are a lot more prompt and concisely written.

This way, consumers are able to read as well as interact with you a lot more easier from wherever they may be. Furthermore, marketers should be knowing the best time of day to send their emails since there are certain times where their message are the most effective. For example, promoting your daily drink specials at 8AM on Sunday morning isn’t recommended.

Merchants should also have a bit of fun with their emails or with texts. It always doesn’t have to be about selling something. So include some helpful tips which your audience will be wanting to read and appreciate while they’re sipping their latte.

Keep Your Prices As Competitive As Possible
Merchants need to know their direct competition by keeping their pricing the same or lower than their competitors. Another method is to offer the same prices but also offering an incentive or a bonus of some kind for the customers who buy from you.

You can also compile your own “Daily Deals” type of offers on a dedicated product clearance section on your site which will generate interest, boost sales from those returning customers, and simultaneously liquidate your unwanted inventory at the same time.


Make Their Online Time More Efficient
Since the actual time that your customers spends on your site varies, it’s important to be as efficient as possible, squeezing quality with every second that they’re engaging on your site.

So make sure that you include a “Most Popular” or a “Highly Recommended” tab on your homepage or a non-distracting popup. This because your consumers will be more inclined to look at those products to save them time, money or research.

Think of using new technology such as “Augmented Reality,” which is an excellent feature that should increase customer retention since they’ll want to virtually view, such as clothing, the products on you site.

As always, make sure that you offer descriptive product videos, vivid high resolution detailed photos, and offer timely promotions which should intrigue your visitors to spend a bit more time on your e-commerce site. Also include surveys, coupons or QR codes, virtual Augmented Reality as well as gamification features as well.

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