Proven Effective Methods Of Purifying Your Energy As We Age

how to increase your energyThis to attribute the Eastern healers who believe that the body has invisible energy, a force that we can all feel but can’t see. This beyond what the mass of our bodies contain, flesh and blood. That what is “us,” is innervated by a series of invisible membranes.

What this energy field consists of is a fiber network which is a vibrant blueprint which rules the physical body. What’s at the helm of this force, its creative vehicle is our thoughts. What we think, involuntary or not, is capable of creating the strength of this energy.

What this self generated energy is capable of doing is manifesting itself into usable physical matter, this, for better or worse, is what determines our fate, the state of the health of our bodies and mind.

So what’s been rapidly adopted in the Western world is the existence of this structure, the idea of creating energy to physical matter manifestation. What’s thought is that this invisible energetic force is active and surrounds our body at all times.

What most have undoubtedly heard of, many have sensed or even seen is the “aura,” this in everything that’s living. There’s also the theory that the human body responds to this aura in its pure state by the purification of our thoughts.

The Body Electric
What the Eastern beliefs call this same energy field which surrounds the body is “chi.” This complies with the same theoretical thinking that energetic healing occurs once the chi is cleansed and purified.

It’s in this state where the body is more inclined to becoming disease free. So the need arises that one must cleanse ones chi to become healthier. There are proven methods of doing so.

Practicing Meditation
Some wonder what can meditation possibly do. What meditation does is it asks you to move towards a deeper spiritual level, which challenges you to open yourself up to listen to your subconscious mind.

In this state of awareness, it’s thought that you can then remove all of the accumulated mental debris. This is achieved by creating an image of peace, along with visions of health and wellness.

There’s actual proof that practicing meditation has allowed those who are ill to heal, to become well again. It’s thought to help in the healing of major disease, some terminal.

There are several ways to meditate effectively. To get to the root, the center of your subconscious, there are many paths to do so, and no one right way. What’s most important is that you completely embrace meditation itself.

You need to learn to practice it on a daily basis, even just for a few minutes. It becomes an easy process to just sit quietly and comfortably, and then just follow your breathing patterns.

What doing so does is it removes the focus from your thoughts, your busy racing mind, and then places it into the vastness of yourself instead, which is your healing energy.

Breathing Qigong
Qigong, pronounced “chee gung” is an ancient exercise form along with a healing system. This the original ancient Chinese system of wellness and healthcare.

What it focuses on is the “qi,” meaning energy, and “gong,” which means exercise. The history of Qigong dates back centuries, it’s foundation based on the Tai-Chi martial arts.

The numerous benefits which are associated with Qigong includes the precise balancing of the body with the mind and the spirit. It’s been known to increase ones immune function while decreasing blood pressure.

Qigong has proven to help in eliminating chronic pain along with the reduction of stress and anxiety. It does so by breaking up blockages of energy which surrounds the body and then removing them.


What Qigong uses is a slow controlled stretching method of movements, which allows the participant to connect to their inner source of healing energy. It does so through deep guided breathing.

Since each individual is unique, one needs to trust their own body energy levels using this process. When performing Qigong, what you’re seeking is a precise balance.

Qigong is known as a low cost effective healthcare strategy for those who practice it. Since its foundations are rooted in regulated breathing, attention is placed on posture and the relaxation of the mind.

Touch Healing With Reiki Energy
Reiki is more than a procedure, it’s a modality. Although the end result of Reiki is completely unique for everyone, most report the feeling of deeper physical along with mental relaxation, this during and after the treatment.

Reiki is administered through the light touching of the hands on select body parts. During the treatment process, the recipient rests comfortably in a reclined position with relaxed steady breathing.

Reiki, through its powerful universal energy, does is it accelerates the healing of injury, disease, or discomfort. It also promotes the healing of emotional as well as spiritual issues. After a session, most report a heightened awareness and deeper understanding.

A certified Reiki practitioner needs to be first trained by a Reiki Master, to learn how to first unlock their individual channel, then channeling the healing energy of the universe.

Once this is accomplished, a practitioner can then perform Reiki on oneself. What doing so does is it provides the Reiki practitioner a gift along with a tool which lasts throughout their lifetime.

To Generate More Energy
Regardless of whatever method you choose to purify your “chi,” whether you subscribe to its effectiveness or not, what’s know for certain is that deep breathing along with relaxation brings better balance and peace.

By practicing either meditation, Qigong, or Reiki as methods to achieving this state, or to reach it quicker, you can then stimulate the body to naturally connect to your inner nature, this to purify the state of your mind to improve energy.

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