Reviewing The Movie – The Tourist With Preview Trailer

Angelina Jolie stands, sits, walks and talks. She drives on an open-air boat through postcard gorgeous Venice. She is decked out in high heels, a designer couture dress, and long gloves. Never is there a hair is out of place as she speed through the canals. That scene is the movie, The Tourist in snapshot. To some a laughable excess of gorgeous eye candy and not much else. And it’s justified proof that regardless of how big the stars are in the flick, or how stunning beautiful the scenery, a movie still has a potential to go bust.

Angelina Jolie has never displayed fetishism quite to the extent she is in The Tourist. She’s a walking billboard mannequin sheathed in expensive jewels and cashmere, seemingly based on the icy, untouchable women projected by the Alfred Hitchcock’s films. The movie with all its exotic settings and excess, the train rides, and elaborate yet exciting chases, seems to aspire to The 39 Steps or North by Northwest, only without the suspense.

Still, the biggest surprise is that Jolie and Johnny Depp muster up so little sexual chemistry. Her Elise is being followed by Interpol and Scotland Yard, who are hoping she’ll lead them to her elusive lover, Alex, a wanted man. On a Venice-bound train, she takes up with Depp’s Frank, a high-school math teacher on vacation in Italy, to try to fool the cops into thinking he’s Alex. The film attempts to have fun with the mismatch—her well-coiffed Brit femme fatale, his bumbling American—but it never works. Elise’s suggestive one-liners fall flat opposite his understated dullard. “You’re ravenous.” “Do you mean ravishing ?” “I do.” Not exactly Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint.

By the time Elise and Frank hit Venice, both the police and a gang looking for back pay are on their trail, over rooftops, through canals, and into chandelier-bedecked hotel suites and ballrooms. But German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (who made 2006’s riveting The Lives of Others ) doesn’t provide nearly the Bourne-like thrills needed to keep this shiny, over-sized gondola afloat.

Reviews On The Movie – “The Tourist”

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The Tourist Review

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There are some movies that get the daring, high flying international romantic caper right. For instance, last years flick, Julia Roberts steamy yet smooth Duplicity comes directly to mind. But this what the viewer is left with in The Tourist : Angelina Jolie is in a series of lingering, perfectly lit model poses, and Johnny Depp doing his best Charlie Chaplin impression, falling into fruit stands in his pajamas. Funny that a movie with so many great stars, wearing fabulous clothes lacks style, but the stars maybe enough to carry this thing through.

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