See The Blinking Lights Once You’ve Met Your Soulmate In Life

finding your soulmateDare to call them a soulmate, whatever that means, as most think that’s some type of fairytale that likely doesn’t exist. Imagine another human that you’re totally aligned with chemically, how can that be possible. After all, life is about oneness, struggle and turmoil, right?

Just the thought that there is that one person out there who’s suitable to fulfill your every whim is too abstract a thought. Yet, we live on a planet of over 7 billion people, so it’s arrogant to think that there isn’t, that you’re so unique, that you’re on your own in this life.

What does exist for many is that there’s certain people who they meet, feel they’ve met before, much like deja-vu, who pushes all the buttons while connecting all the dots on every level.

They just being present allows them to grow as a person. If there also happens to be romantic sparks, then the universal gift of something truly magical has occurred. So what are the signs that they could be your soulmate.

You Know Without Speaking
Just that gaze, that nod, that sparkle in their eye. They can read your mind and soul like the bible. You finish each others sentences or thoughts, pick up the phone before it rings when they’re calling, that eerie feeling you can’t be apart.

They respond to your every emotional signal. They’ll stay close to you when you confess, sin, giving you full autonomy, their undivided attention while answering to your every need.

They’ll acknowledge you with a slight touch, give subtle eye contact whenever you’re unsure, beam when you’re happy, and comfort you when you’re hurt or are in pain.

That Gut Instinct
You just know when there’s a connection. There’s no second guessing, no wondering, no hesitation once it appears. A sense of recognition, that angel voice in your head, that gut instinct that the “champ” has arrived.

That Undeniable Physical Chemistry
Energy is generated, the electricity becomes unbearable, the feeling overwhelms on all levels, giving you those goose bumps of a lifetime. Just holding their hand, grazing their hair, activates your spirit senses into a tailspin, this even after years, decades, of knowing each other.

There’s Instant Comfort
The connection is instant and comforting, this immediately upon first sight of each other. All the true colors begin to fly without showing any fear or judgement.

You both feel a sense of familiarity, a sense of comfort that you’ve been with each other before, perhaps in another dimension or time. It sets you in a deep trance, allowing yourselves to become completely vulnerable.

You completely span your wings, set yourself free, you let them in, this so you can read each others souls. You take the risk of exposing yourself to share your innermost secrets, revealing all your fears.

They Challenge You To Get Better
They’ll constantly challenge you to improve, and you want to get better, while knowing that it won’t always be smooth sailing the entire journey. You both realize that there can be rough passages of time. Life circumstances gets in the way and often interferes.

The difference however is that these challenges just strengthens your bond, becoming the crazy glue which keeps you both together, this through the stormy seas, which forces you to become more of your authentic selves.

You rely on each other, as soulmates help each other evolve as individuals. So once the relationship does get a bit rocky, that’s a test on how strong your faith is, this so you can improve, get better at life, learn the lessons that you need to.

You’re On The Same Page When It Matters
It’s not possible for any relationship to share the same viewpoints and opinions at all times, but your overall macro goals and ambitions are the same, they match up.

More of the diminutive opinions will often differ, but for the bigger things in life, you’ll both share the same values and virtues, seeing the world through the same lens.


A Sense Of Internal Calm
You know when you’re with the wrong person, it just doesn’t mesh after a while. If you’re constantly feeling insecure about the relationship, worrying that one mistake will blow it apart, then they’re not for you.

But for the right person, you feel confident and secure that you’re both in it for the long run, this regardless of what happens, you’ll both have each others back, will stand up and fight for each other.

Your inner voice assures that you’re in a healthy relationship. That you trust each other completely, this regardless of how severe things get. You attack all subjects and challenges in a mature way without envy, greed, judgement, or jealousy.

You Know You’re Both Different But Still The Same
What soulmates recognize, feel is that they’re equal halves, are two parts of the same whole. There’s no outside influences which can break or penetrate this bond.

The circumstances won’t always be perfect, the timing rarely right, so you both align yourselves to support each other, be available at the exact time and place to fix whatever ails, much like fate would.

You Discover Each Other Daily
You may have known each other for seemingly a lifetime, you’ve perhaps known each other as children. You’ve both moved on, have married others, broke up, hung out around the same group of people, but never have connected, until now. 100 Mile House seems a million miles away.

Then one day, bang. There are fireworks as you suddenly run into each other again. “Hey, I know you.” Something magical happens, something unexpected blooms. So be ready, get set, keep your mind and heart open, and make sure that you answer the door.

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