How Stamping DNA In Your Business Makes It Uniquely Different

When starting a new business, what needs to be avoided is attempting to reinvent the wheel. What’s more common is emulating an already existing template, to “borrow” other techniques, processes or strategies, that’s already successfully used by others. While “copying” has its benefits, to find true success, you need to be unique.

To be unique, distinctive, stand out from others, and every other entity or person on the planet. Leveraging and embracing your uniqueness as your true self, becomes the key to creating your own marketing stamp. One that comes from what your true passions and purpose in this world are.

What it comes down to is your personal identity imprint, which is combined with the unique way that you’re able to develop and market your product or service, which makes you stand out and become attractive to customers.

Each Unique DNA
We’re all uniquely encoded, this by virtue of our DNA structure. There’s absolutely no one on earth, who has the identical DNA as you.

Now think how significant that is in a world of over 7 billion people. At the very core level, you are truly unique. So what you need is to take that uniqueness, and celebrate the fact that you’re truly one of a kind.

Personal Strengths
What each of us possesses are different strengths, which is extracted from our personality, so know what you’re good at. If you don’t know or recognize what they are, then ask those who you trust, to identify your strongest points.

Decide what your top five strengths of your individuality are. Then leverage these strengths into building your business. If you’re a great public speaker, then use that talent to attract clients.

Unique Personality
Your personality or character is what makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s a mixture of attitude and behaviors that you carry with you, whenever you interact with others. Learn to convey this personality in all of your marketing efforts.

Choose the colors and design on your website, that tells everyone who you are. Make sure your personality at home, is the same at work. Are there areas you want to minimize or improve, regarding how you come across. Is it a true representation of who you are.

Physical Characteristics
We all look different, our ethnicity, height, shape, style of dress, along with every other physical characteristic we own, which makes us stand out and individual from everyone else.

There’s no one who looks exactly like you. Realize that your physical characteristics helps or hinders your business dealings.

You need to be on your best behavior at all times when meeting others, as first impressions count. Most will determine if they like you or not, within seconds after meeting you.

Unique Life Experiences
The footsteps we took to get us to where we are today, is completely exclusive from anyone else. It’s our life experiences, that provides the canvas on how we can market ourselves and our business.

Most businesses are born from personal experiences, to solve the hardships that one’s experienced. It’s our unique experiences that serves as the passion for what we do, which becomes tangible, a message you want to share with others.

Family And Friends
What we inherit are a variety of characteristics from our families, including personality traits and customs. Our friends, reflects our interests, beliefs, hobbies, and quirks.

The blend of our family and friends, is what makes us who we are. Often, what they do is serves as a catalyst for developing ideas, or ways to market our business.

Life Education
From the subjects along with ideas that we’re attracted to, what our education does is serves as an unique identifier. The way that we communicate, the people we associate with, our interests, are all dictated by our level of education.


Likewise, what it also does is influences how we position and market our business. What products or services we offer. Know how your education influences your message, and the types of people who’s attracted to it

Hobbies Quirks Passions
Find ways on how can you extract your passions, and then use that to develop ideas for your business. Similar to your unique life experiences, businesses usually stems from a hobby.

Find an unique quirk from your personal interests, and then include that into your product or service. If you have an interest in travel for instance, what you might do is offer group retreats for your best clients.

Travels And Adventure
What traveling does is defines us as individuals. Although most will continue to visit the same places, what everyone has is their own travel log. What traveling does is alters our outlook greatly, introducing us to new people, cultures, sites, and food.

What traveling does is enriches our lives, gives us new perspective and ideas, alters attitudes and at times, influences our long-held beliefs on life.

Taking a trip to an impoverished third-world nation for instance, give us first hand experience on the suffering of other humans, which can prompt us to create a non-profit organization, or donate a portion of our profits. Realize how travel has influenced your view on life.

Our Belief System
What each of us possesses is our own unique belief system. There’s no one else who carries the exact same mixture of opinions, standards, and ideals.

It’s our beliefs about ourselves and others, which influences what we choose to market, along with how we conduct ourselves.

What needs to be carefully examined is our convictions, this so we can leverage them into precise opportunities.

Some may have a strong belief in preserving the environment, which can develop into community programs to promote ecological products. Those interested in communication, might start a blog.