The Willingness To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

As we grow older, our lives break down into two distinct categories. It comes down to the occupation we’ve chosen, and the quality and functionality of our relationships. There are just a select few, who can claim they’re living their ideal dream life.

Their career hits all the bullet points based on their aptitude, and they’re happily matched with their ideal soulmate.

So what you need, is to ask yourself. “Am I living my dream life?”

There’s always room for improvement, as there’s usually some type of deficiency or inconsistency, when it comes to especially your work.

Living The Life

Most don’t jump out of bed, filled with utter excitement for the workday ahead. The majority dread what lies in store, as anxiety takes over.

For every parent and educator, their task is to funnel their children or student, to what best fits their aptitude and strengths.

The young are then encouraged to choose to do something with their life, that excites them.

That they choose a profession they’re passionate about, since they’ll be spending the rest of their lives working at it.

But what the majority end up doing, is going to a job they despise, begrudgingly going to their workplace full of dread.

The majority of workers also live paycheck to paycheck, which itself becomes a miserable burden to bear.

Defining A Purpose

The key becomes discovering your defined purpose in your life, before it’s too late. Obviously something that’s easier said than done.

We’re all placed on this earth for a reason, a specific destiny, a set purpose, and then we’re armed with a variety of skills and talents to find and fulfill them.

This gives you the opportunity to make yourself and the world a better place.

We each have our own unique skill sets, abilities and interests that lends to the greater good of mankind. This provided we choose to fulfill our destined fate.

So your quest in life should be, to find what your unique footprint and god given purpose is.

Most convince themselves they’re living their dream life, but it’s usually fulfilling the dream of someone else.


You’re working for the “man,” the boss, without any of the personal payoffs you want, just for the almighty dollar.

All you get is to survive another day, which becomes your sole motivation. As a result, you live a drab joyless existence, shouting is that all there is to life?

Work That Motivates

Your ideal career should self motivate you. It should give you hope, provide something that’s valuable to serve others, one that closely relates to your purpose.

If that doesn’t exactly describe your current life, then it may be time to reevaluate.

Don’t make the excuse you’re too poor, or too old to change your career. That you’re not smart or confident enough, to do something you love.

Imagine your life a few decades from now. Do you think you’ll still be happy doing what you’re doing right now.

Or would you rather begin investing your time, towards living a life of your dreams.

The State Of Your Relationships

Who are the most important people in your life at this moment. Do you even have anyone important in your life? Hopefully yes, but if not, there are steps you can take.

You can begin by improving your social skills, by learning how to make new friends and then developing them.

Everyone regardless of who they are, needs some form of human contact in order to thrive and survive. Most however have companions they’re unhappy with.

You can’t live your dream life, when you’re always feeling miserable, as those around you should be there to support and encourage you, instead of making you sad.

Finding proper relationships, becomes a critical measurement most ignore.

We witness ourselves or others in unhappy mediocre relationships, and we just convince ourselves that’s how things are, that no one’s ever happy or perfect.

Creating Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are a matter of choice. No one is destined or deserves a failed relationship.

When you first met your partner or friend, it probably went beyond chemistry. There was something special. What you need, is to regain that feeling.

What most never bother to learn however, is to develop healthy relationship skills. It’s something we just expect.

Living your dream isn’t just intended for a select few, as everyone is entitled to live to their full potential. It’s possible and our right, to live a happy and satisfying life.

Living Your Dreams Out Loud

• First admit you’re not happy or satisfied with your current occupation or relationship
• If you’re not satisfied, then begin to clearly delineate what the issues are, the core source of your unhappiness
• Identify a solution where you’re in complete control. Formulate a plan which doesn’t require someone else to do something differently or something they don’t want to do
• Think of the perfect job or the perfect relationship and how it would feel or look. Assess all your interests, abilities, and skills to uncover your definite purpose, what you’re destined to do
• Once you envision it, then ask yourself what’s stopping you? What is it you would need to give up to move towards your dreams. What are the obstacles and fears you face
• Formulate a plan which has a reasonable chance of success. It’s not recommended you quit your job or file for a divorce today. Instead, take baby steps and make sure you’re making progress on a daily basis
• Develop the courage to take action on that plan. Realize you won’t get anywhere unless you take action. You don’t need to be great when you’re getting started, but you need to get started to become great. So do something and be consistent

Start Living Your Life

If you find it difficult to start living your dream life, fail to realize what your destiny is, then seek out a mentor or a life coach to help you out.

What doing so will do, is provide the right dose of support and encouragement, which will nudge you towards your happiness.