You Can Only Tolerate The Annoying Narcissists For So Long

someone who's arrogantNarcissists can become annoying, and bearable just in small doses. What becomes tiring is the combination of their self fed displays of importance and rudeness. This a personality type you want to avoid, and pity those who needs to constantly deal with them.

This trait has graduated itself into becoming a real clinical disorder, an offsetting counter intuitive unwelcome behavior. The narcissists among us, constantly seeks the need of others to validate their self worth. Not just to be liked, but be admired as well.

What they have is this intense insane desire to be the center of attention. …

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The Dangers You Face When Falling In Love With A Narcissist

falling in loveWhat our current society and peer pressure dictates is that the majority of us be upstanding citizens, that there’s an obligation to be honest, to be morally decent. Those who follow this admirable tendency are referred to as having integrity and humility.

Honesty is defined as someone having an exemplary sacred personality, an outstanding habit of transparency, and these traits are usually observed and honored across most cultures. The individuals who believe in this particular attribute are sincere, modest, and fair.

They don’t, won’t exploit others for their advantage, for shame, or to profit, even when there’s no form …

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The Arrogant Persons Guide To Whether They’re A Narcissist

don't tell me what to doNarcissistic personality disorder is an extremity, if not one of the most alarming and important subjects that there is, just ask them. Who me? It’s one of the key issues of an emotion with the absolute absence of empathy.

There’s the look at me, I’m more important, I’m older, I’m better looking than you posturing, their grandiose plans of idiocy. The rage which occurs if they’re ever called out on the slightest of their imperfections, or if they’re suspected of making even just the most normal of human mistakes.

But going beyond the obvious traits, what can be easily …

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Diary Of A Sociopath Reasons Why Not To Converse With One

someone who can be annoying and sociapathicThen there are those individuals that are not universally likeable, but yet you extend an effort towards them in the attempts to know them.

But often, you’ll leave the conversation feeling somewhat perplexed, demeaned, or somehow angry.

There are some who you just dread running into when you see them, since they, like industrial grade sandpaper, rubs you the wrong way, their arguments contrary to everything that you say.

The art of attempting to understand unreasonable people usually provokes certain interpersonal crises which really aren’t your fault, they usually have nothing to do with you, and you don’t really …

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